What Needs to be In Your Golf cart? A Guide for Beginners

Golf cart riding John Daly at the 2019 PGA Championship at Bethpage Black

Golf isn’t a super popular game worldwide unless Tiger Woods is playing for another Majors win, this time at Bethpage Black State Park Golf Course during the 2019 PGA Championship as he chases Jack Nicklaus and his elusive 18 Major victories. Or, perhaps a part compelling and part paparazzi story comes along such as maverick John Daly riding in a golf cart at the 2019 PGA Championship because the PGA Americans with Disabilities Act committee decided his arthritic knee warranted such a caveat. Tiger Woods made a joke out it during a press conference. I believe Tiger’s attitude is not comical but sad because it further perpetuates the elitism that surrounds golf for the masses. Disabilities are what they are, elite golf tournaments are not an exception. Bravo to the PGA’s committee for taking a stand even if he Daly does not fit the image of a professional golfer because of his smoking, drinking and carefree attitude. Loosen up Woods and the rest of you haters. Beginners relate more to Daly than Woods.

Packing a Golf Cart with the right gear

When you think golf, beginning players can’t immediately grasp of all the items needed to play a decent golf game. That’s why it is important for you to prepare and read up on the equipment you’ll need because you can’t just rely on cultural osmosis and think you’ll get everything right with golf. The Sports Techie community blog shares this article with our readers and followers that tells you about much of the gear and items you need to consider packing for a golf game, from beginner golf set through golf shoes to wedges. You’ll probably not use all of them, but being over-prepared is better than being underprepared.

What Needs to be In Your Golf cart? A Guide for Beginners – Sports Techie blog


Gloves are a divisive item in the world of golfing. Many people swear by them while others consider those who regularly play with gloves amateurs. Why must it be that way? Tough NFL players like OBJ use gloves and produce amazing catches making it a good idea for golfers to use this sports technology enhanced product to their advantage.

If you’re new and not used to the club, it is entirely within the realm of possibility that you’ll bruise your hands, produce blisters and hurt your joints when first learning to play. Gloves protect your hands and make your experience safer and easier.

On the other hand, wearing gloves will change your grip size and disrupt your play with the club, and it is very hard to maintain the same playing quality wearing gloves if you’re not used to them. Especially after getting them wet.

That’s why most people carry gloves in their golf cart and wear them only when it is absolutely necessary and they can’t complete the game without them. However, if you get used to and get comfortable with gloves, you won’t have much problem playing all your games wearing them. If your hands get easily bruised or blistered, this is the way to go.

Spare Clothing and Shoes

A standard golf game takes four hours. This is a long time to be swinging a club, moving around a field, and playing with your friends. It’s true that most golf courses are well taken care of, and you won’t find many (if any) muddy areas on well kept private courses. Many public courses have have this type of hazard to content with though.

But that still doesn’t change the fact that four hours is a long time, and you need to prepare for the worst. Walking around with muddy golfers’ pants and uncomfortable shoes don’t exactly scream an enjoyable game, and you should have a spare set of clothes and a pair of shoes in your cart. They don’t weigh much or take up a lot of space, so what’s the downside?

Snacks and Drinking Water

This one is related to the length of the game, too. There’s absolutely no way you can survive 4 hours without drinking water – you’ll be extremely annoyed and uncomfortable an hour after starting the game. John Daly pounds Diet Coke, not the best beverage for keeping hydrated.

One thing you should keep in mind is that golf isn’t exactly as relaxing as pictures and television make it out to be – it involves a lot of standing around, swinging, and moving from one place to the next. Not to mention anxiety about the score, the drive to win, and pressure to aim right that all have an adverse effect on your psyche. You absolutely need to stay hydrated if you want to be in excellent condition for the duration of the game.

This includes snacks, too. Stocking up on a few protein bars will help you power through the whole game, and hunger isn’t exactly known to help people concentrate better.

Should You Rent or Buy Your Equipment?

Now, extra equipment like different clubs, clubheads, etc. are all vital, but the most important question facing you when considering that kind of equipment is whether to buy them or rent them. If you are playing a three par course, you can get by carrying 3 clubs, a 7 iron, a wedge and a putter.

It’s no secret that a lot of golf courses offer to rent equipment on site, and it isn’t exactly expensive or time-consuming. If you’re an absolute beginner who isn’t sure whether they’ll continue playing this game in the future and just wants to have fun playing a few matches, we absolutely recommend renting equipment. There’s no need to pay hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars for the equipment you’ll use only use.

On the other hand, the selection of equipment for rent is usually very limited, and a seasoned player will find himself constrained by the options. This is usually a good sign you should start buying your own equipment that suits your playstyle perfectly.

Sports Techie, I sent Segway a tweet about John Daly yesterday because that cool tech might be the answer to using a bulky golf cart appeasing Tiger and his haters which probably includes ultra cheating golfer, President Trump, since Woods is one of his cronies.

Perhaps using a ⁦@SegwayInc⁩ would appease all the haters. Opinion: As he carts around Bethpage Black, John Daly shows how tired his act has become – USA TODAY #PGAChamp https://t.co/4diOQuQHNz— Bob Roble (@SportsTechieNET) May 17, 2019

The Media loves to hammer on John Daly

My brother took me to the first day of the 1998 PGA Championship at Sahalee Country Club. We followed Tiger, I found a ball in the rough and told local star Freddie Couples where to find it eliciting a round of shushes from surrounding fans because I spoke too loud, and we heard the rocket boom of a Daly drive, a sound I still remember like it was happening live.

Stick with what feels comfortable and is affordable when it comes to selecting golf equipment for your golf cart but never get comfortable bashing on disabilities.

Go Daly!

See ya later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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