What are the Top Sports in Slovenia this 2021?

Slovenian hockey is the lifeblood of many a fan

If there is one thing that can connect a lot of people in Slovenia, it is sports. Technology has helped bring these folks together. Sports are considered to be a form of recreation. Video chats are simply not enough. People can play sports or even watch it over digital devices. No matter what they do that is related to it, the common bond is enjoying the experiences together. As curator of the Sports Techie community blog, I have never been to the country but I am blogging about it per a request.

Slovenia is geographically diverse. There are a lot of sports opportunities available through the nation. An impressive, 50% of the people in Slovenia engage in a sport of their choice. It seems as if a small percentage of people do not want to do anything with sports or tech.

People in Slovenia just love the outdoors

Getting in Touch with Nature

People in Slovenia just love the outdoors as do I. They have a strong belief that getting in touch with nature will help them recover from the stresses of their lives. Unplugging and heading outdoors is the way. It is quite common for people to do different outdoor activities. They feel that their level of physical activity can help them improve and balance their lives.

Slovenian Athletes Participating in Different Competitions

Slovenia may be considered a small country, but it does not mean that they cannot compete. Football teams are quite popular. They also like to play ice hockey, volleyball, handball, basketball, and so much more. Slovenians are very enthusiastic about the type of sport that they choose.

This can make you wonder, though, what are the sports that Slovenians love the most? There is a lot that they participate in. What makes them choose the sport that they are most interested in?

Some Facts About Slovenia

Knowing some interesting facts about Slovenia will give you an idea why they like certain sports more. 

  • Slovenian athletes have won medals in large and international competitions.
  • There are about 200 professional hockey players that are registered in Slovenia. The non-professional players are about a thousand.
  • In 2017, the basketball team of Slovenia won all of the matches.
  • Knowing how to swim is mandatory in Slovenia. This is required for children who are 8 to 9 years old.

Knowing these facts will at least let you know that they are very sports-minded should you visit. They love trying out different physical and mental activities. You can check out mightytips sporting action if you want to know more details.


Maribor is the ranked the best football team in Slovenia right now

Football is enjoyed by many people in Slovenia because they feel that it can bring them closer together as fans. There is nothing like bonding with friends over a soccer game, whether in-stadium or at a fun watch party. They will usually involve some favorite teams. Home and visiting fans alike can cheer and boo together inside stadia with personality. 

Some locals feel that football has its own language. People who like it would just need to say a few terms and jargon and it’s on. Followed by talks about the latest results, news and predictions. People can cheer for different teams, but everything is still fun for everyone at the end of the day.

In 1991, Slovenia was the first of the republics, alongside Croatia, to gain independence from Yugoslavia. A result that allowed recognition from FIFA and UEFA. The best players on the Slovenia nation’s all-time team are well known and span generations. Maribor is the ranked the best football team in Slovenia right now. Olimpija Ljubljana comes in second ranked. Third place is Domžale, with NK Celje and NŠ Mura rest of the the Top 5 national ranking.


It was mentioned earlier that learning how to swim is mandatory in Slovenia. This can be helpful for a lot of children who love to be near the water. Those who may not particularly like it would still need to learn it in school.

Swimming is appreciated by a lot of people because it can be relaxing. When you are underwater, it seems to be quieter. It allows people to feel as if there is an entirely different world. When swimming is competitive, it can be enough to raise people’s heartbeats. It can go both ways. It can be very relaxing or highly entertaining.

My family back in the early ’70’s learned to swim at the YMCA in Bellingham, Washington. Swimming pools today use advanced technologies to treat the water and regulate the temperatures using not-toxic and solar options.


The fact that Slovenians are also strong in basketball internationally and in European competitions, makes this sport sought after by many young athletes and recreational players alike

The fun, enjoyment and togetherness hoopers feel while playing basketball cannot be denied. Many players who bond over basketball can already form their own sport-friendly puns and jokes. The fact that Slovenians are also strong in basketball internationally and in European competitions, makes this sport sought after by many young athletes and recreational players alike.

Boys and girls aspire to become a part of their chosen professional team. The admiration for the professionalism of players that play basketball in the country is easy to behold in everyday activities around towns and the countryside’s. When I was a teenager and young adult, Vlade Divac, was on the Los Angeles Lakers. I can only imagine how he is revered by fellow Slovenians.


Slovenian hockey is the lifeblood of many a fan, it is said they would have trouble transitioning to normal life routines without the fastest game on skates. There is just something about a freshly-sharpened ice skate, or the adrenaline rush that people around the country get when someone scores a goal or the team makes a big play. Especially with the 2020 Beijing Winter Olympics just next year. It all mixes in with the pure excitement that people feel about this amazing sport. Streaming men’s and women’s national team matches is not just a hobby, it’s what you when in Slovenia.

Another thing that can make hockey unique is how players love to play for each other. The players know that they always have to work together as a team as we need to in work and at home. The professional hockey players of Slovenia also know that they are doing it for their fans. These traits can make this sport one of the most fun to watch.

I have been watching The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers on Disney + with the kids and totally get how the hockey lifestyle can lead to these kinds of friendships and life moments.


Volleyball is very enjoyable to watch and participate in. When the players and team play are outstanding, you have no idea where the ball will go next. The strategy and fast-paced action is enough to make people forget about the time. For a lot of Slovenian people, this can also be a great way to burn calories while winter indoor training during colder months.

Volleyball also comes with a lot of athletic benefits. For example, it can increase hand and eye coordination and footspeed. It can also improve people’s reflexes and reaction time. Slovenians across the country inherently know what an engaging social activity and the entertainment value this sport has when played by dedicated and skilled performers.

Sports Techie, there are so many things you can expect to see, and do, and be a part of when in Slovenia. It can be a costly destination, but once you there, the culture, history and modern attractions shine forth like the local people and activities. Getting to know more about the sports that you and people around the country like to play can be best way to interact or make plans when there.

Safe travels.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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