Use CHEQ To Social Purchase And Gift Food Or Drinks At Miami Dolphins And Marlins Games

CHEQ – The World’s First Social Payment Platform for Consumer Gifting 
Debuts in South Florida

The first mobile payment platform for the restaurant and hospitality industry to enable social purchasing and gifting continues to expand in top restaurants, bars, hotels and stadiums

CHEQ has unique technology enabling fans inside stadium fans and restaurant patrons in South Florida to use their mobile platform and fan-facing social POS at Hard Rock Stadium for Miami Dolphins games and at LoanDepot Park at Miami Marlins baseball games. These new partnerships allow social purchasing and gifting to happen using the first mobile payments platform for restaurants, stadiums, bars, hotels, or any hospitality business. The CHEQ model allows people to pay for food and drinks and send the gift from anywhere around the globe to a friend, work colleague or whoever you want so the lucky person can consume on-premise. The technology company has partners using the mobile payment platform in the restaurant industry and also sport venues directly sending their latest promotions and free products, respectively, to users resulting in sales growth, more foot traffic and measurable customer loyalty. The Sports Techie community blog believes tech is continuously expanding in the consumer world to simplify everyday things such as gifting experiences and connecting people. This technology provides a new way to make the good times even better and share with friends or family. Consumer mobile gifting has never been possible before CHEQ and now fans in Miami can social purchase at NFL and MLB games with another 2023 stadium activation announcement coming later this month.

“The stories we hear about users engaging creatively and seeing the social purchases and gifting features of CHEQ has come full circle and is truly inspiring,” said CEO and Co-Founder, Thomas Lapham. “Friends can send each other beverages quickly and easily for birthdays, game day, or a bachelorette party. Parents can send a quick latte to their college student who is hunkering down for finals. The variety of usage on the app has exceeded our expectations entirely. Our mission of using technology to make the good times even better is validated through these consumer experiences. With CHEQ, we make the connection with people we care about when we can’t be there in person.”

The World’s First and Only Fan-Facing Social POS & Mobile Order Platform

Early Sports Adopters

CHEQ’s rapid growth deliverables are being met through long-term agreements with professional sports teams in key markets, significantly increasing its brand awareness and ability to attract and onboard new users, restaurants and other venues. CHEQ currently has partnerships with the Miami Marlins, Miami Dolphins, Washington Commanders, Tennessee Titans and University of Washington Huskies, with five new upcoming stadium partnerships to start in 2023.

With CHEQ, mobile ordering throughout the stadium and in-seat delivery is now available in select sections of each venue. CHEQ also provides self-service kiosks in high-traffic locations to help reduce lines and wait times. With innovations like “order to seat” and “order ahead” at stadiums, “shared tab” and “customizable preferences” at restaurants, consumers will appreciate spending more time in their seats and experiencing being in the moment instead of waiting in line.

CHEQ Proof of Concept

Lapham invented the CHEQ mobile platform model based on his personal experiences. During the pandemic for some many people, it became difficult to visit friends socially, and the limited on-premise food and beverage ordering that was available was very slow. His vison for CHEQ’s platform solved both problems by allowing friends to connect remotely via their social gifting feature, and by letting guests order right away while on premise using their one-of-a-kind mobile ordering feature. Lapham’s ultimate goal for the novel technology was to provide the means to make the good times even better while sharing with friends or family. The goals of CHEQ are to connect people, experiences, and create amazing memories through technology. 

As the first ordering app available to independent restaurant operators, CHEQ can also be used beyond sporting events and hospitality venues using the innovative technology. CHEQ is available to restaurant operators without paying any commissions, equipment costs, or hidden fees. Guests can benefit by using CHEQ to order ahead and skip the line at a venue, while also supporting local businesses.

Restaurants and venues such as Kaori, MaryGold’s Florida Brasserie from Chef Brad Kilgore, Vinya Wine & Market (Key Biscayne), Hard Rock Cafe, and many more are all signed up to join CHEQ’s social gifting marketplace, which will allow users to send/receive food, drinks, and unique experiences to one another at each establishment in real time. With CHEQ, restaurants are also able to attract new customers by sending coupons and discounts for featured items, as well as customize marketing based on guest preferences such as vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. 

Visit CHEQ at and engage with @CheqPlease on Instagram.

Turn your fans into stans with CHEQ

Sports Techie, I’m a sports tech OG that has seen my share of digital products, solutions and systems. CHEQ is the exact kind of idea you wish was around and now, here it is.

The technologies connect consumers and businesses to create frictionless, amazing in-person experiences. CHEQ’s universal ordering and payment app can be used by any restaurant, bar, hotel, or stadium to make transactions fun, easy, and worry-free.

CHEQ lets venues retain their unique branding within the app and keep their direct relationships with their guests.

The final Dolphins regular season, week 18 home game against the New York Jets is at Hard Rock Stadium kicking off at 1:00 PM ET. The N.Y. Times Upshot 2022 NFL playoff simulator gives the Fins a 41% chance of making the playoffs.

Should you know of a fan or fans attending the game, send a CHEQ gift because it’s easy, yummy and could make him, her or them cheer even louder for the needed win.

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