UFC Champion Amanda Nunes New Avatar LEOA By Genies Promotes Wearables In Metaverse

Amanda Nunes joins the illustrious Genies ecosystem as the first female UFC Fighter

Amanda Nunes just shared her new avatar named Leoa on Twitter built by Genies showcasing the UFC’s greatest of all-time (GOAT) as a form of self-expression and more in the metaverse. The superstar UFC fighter is the reigning women’s Bantamweight and Featherweight divisions champion while training in Coconut Creek, Fl. The Lioness proudly hails from Brazil and her official virtual identity features the green and yellow colors of the Brazilian flag. Genies is known as the largest avatar technology company around the world with offices in Venice, CA, and Tokyo, Japan. Nunes becomes the most visible female professional athlete in the company’s portfolio of sport and entertainment clients that includes Cardi B, Rihanna, Russell Westbrook, Justin Bieber, J Balvin, and Shawn Mendes. The adaption of avatars in society reveals a person’s personality and culture while forming a way to virtually communicate with other people, promote fights, connect with fans, and sell merchandise. This form of metaverse media can also be used to reveal unique experiences and announce exclusive drops for digital goods like NFTs available through online marketplaces. Leoa is ready to step into this fast-evolving digiverse and show the way.

Image courtesy of UFC Champ Amanda Lunes, aka Leoa, Lioness, Mommy, GOAT.

“I’m excited to introduce my genie as a new way to connect and engage with my fans that have been so supportive of me along my journey,” said Amanda Nunes. “While day in and out I’m focused on my success as a fighter, it is my fans that keep me going. I look forward to giving them unique experiences and collectibles for their metaverse-selves.” 

Genies is building a Digital Goods Marketplace With Dapper Labs (Creators of NBA Top Shot) Which Will Consistently Feature Drops from Global Icons like Nunes

Genies Marketplace

Nunes is now part of Genies celebrity-driven marketplace featuring thousands of celebrities. The technology company was founded in 2017. Investors in Genies including Bond, NEA, Breyer Capital, CAA, and Tull Investment Group poured $40 million into the startup. The recent news puts their valuation at more than $100 million, according to Forbes.

“Amanda has been one of the most dominant female athletes we’ve ever seen. We’re honored to bring her into the family and the genies universe. I can promise the community is going to want to keep an eye on the Avatar Wearable drops coming from her,” said Jake Becker, Head of Talent Relations at Genies.

She joins Paris Saint-Germain star football player, Xavi Simmons after his recent virtual identity genie launch as he enters his third year with the Ligue 1 soccer powerhouse playing alongside Messi, Neymar (also Brazilian) and Mbappé, for the time being. The latter French national is being courted by Real Madrid which if that happens, will set the all-time transfer fee paid to PGG estimated to be $170 million.

Nunes aims to return to fighting action soon after successfully defending her featherweight title earlier this year. LEOA is set to assist with enhancing Amanda’s fan engagement efforts by interacting via her genie and promoting Genies Marketplace.

Today, Genies announced a burgeoning partnership with Dapper Labs, based in Vancouver BC. The plan is to build the new Genies Marketplace on Dapper Labs’ Flow Blockchain. Dapper Labs is already well-known in the tokenized digital collectable realm for creation of NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties marketplaces. All these fresh business relationships, including partnering with Genies puts Dapper Labs at a $7.5 billion valuation.

LEOA will happily share her most memorable fights, training routines and Motherhood moments with global fans through Avatar Wearables. The result on her journey into the metaverse is a means to sell digital goods on Genies Marketplace powered by Dapper Labs. The technologies Genies will integrate together in their effort to become the “Amazon of Digital Wearable NFTs” include, digital wearable goods, the marketplace built with Dapper Labs, API integrations, and a consumer app.

Genies Marketplace plans to unveil across the web later this year, and is the virtual location consumers, fans and aspiring fighters can purchase these avatar wearables for use with their own personal avatars.

The concept is to allow purchasers the opportunity to use Avatar wearables between their circle of friends, school mates, workout partners and work colleagues alike while on their favorite social platform using various tech devices be that VR and AR goggles, iPads, tablets and PCs, or your mobile phone. Genies’ plans to will offer timely user challenges as a means to unlock special wearables.

The MMA GOAT will be a model for others interested in being part of the future marketplace, and will certainly show the way for other icons to watch Leoa establish additional partnerships, fan engagement opportunities and frenzied collectible drops. Look for a Beta launch come the third quarter of 2021.


Sports Techie, Genies has Shapchat’s Bitmoji in their crosshairs as the industry’s first to market player. As a result, I have a Shapchat avator. I’ll be needing my own Genie now, too.

According to Forbes, Genies CEO and co-founder Akash Nigam plans for all users, especially Generation C, Gen Z and millennials, “to be able to accessorize their online reputation.” He added, “We think that going into the metaverse, everybody’s going to need a digital identity. We want to be the go-to identity.”

Facebook owns Giphy where some 700 million users are engaged daily with animated GIFs across the largest social media platforms in Instagram, WhatsApp (both also Facebook owned) and TikTok. In October of 2020, Genies released news about avatar API integration with both Giphy and Gucci digital platforms.

Genies also wants to have hundreds of avatars and NFT software development kit (SDK) partners in place so their Dapper-driven marketplace has ready to go consumer Genie avatars in place.

Are avatars really the future? Can NFTs sustain growth? Are there already too many digital marketplaces for users to consider in the metaverse?

All questions that will have answers in the not-so-distant future but for sure, consolidation will happen amongst the top players like it does in every industry.

The bottom line is this – Genies is betting on all the above happening in their favor and from the looks of all the moving parts, the business plan is on trajectory and pace to make it so.

To help mature the markets, the day of the female athlete, coach , team and organization is certainly here to support the cause.

As a punter, I would recommend betting on Nunes to defend her UFC belts wherever she steps inside the physical Octagon, or when transformed into LEOA in the virtual metaverse to do her thing.

Uh Vai Morrer!

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