TruAthlete to stage nation’s first coed TriSport ultimate competition, beer garden and family event

The first TruAthlete on Saturday, July 27 will be held at the Starfire Sports Complex
The first TruAthlete on Saturday, July 27 will be held at the Starfire Sports Complex

On Saturday, July 27, TruAthlete will morph Starfire Sports’ 54 acre complex into a sea of sports games, spirit consumption and family friendly events when it hosts the ultimate tri sport event featuring soccer, flag football and volleyball. This unique multi-sport event was created by TruAthlete President and Founder Nathan Riley. Nathan graciously took the time to speak with the Sports Techie blog about his vision for a fresh genre of sports triathlon while giving our community a generous registration discount accessible further below.

Nathan Riley

Nathan was the producer for feature length film “Matt’s Chance” and was instrumental in casting the role Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch played.  He is a Sports Techie entrepreneur to the fullest working two others jobs while working fulltime with his small staff on this brand new endeavor.  Nathan attended Jackson High School which was not around when I graduated. We are both graduates of the Community Colleges in our wonderful state of Washington.

Watch this terrific video interview of Nathan conducted by Aaron Levine, Sports Director, Q13 Fox.

Nate Riley of TruAthlete on upcoming TriSport event here


TruAthlete has embarked on a mission to re-define the meaning of a triathlete with a fresh genre of TriSport event. Their mission is to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle, foster athleticism, teamwork, and build community through an exciting format of sporting events that welcomes participants of all athletic abilities.

After conducting research, data mining and polling, Riley felt like the sports business Industry was ripe for an interactive sport event that allowed the best athletes along with weekend warriors to face off in competition surrounded by a family and sponsor friendly environment. The inaugural TruAthlete day has a live music stage, DJs, and a 21+ beer garden, featuring northwest beers, hard cider and wine. There will be a variety of vendors, giveaways and food.

People have to be at least 18 years of age to participate in TruCompetition. Every person must be at least 21 years of age for entry to the ‘sure to be off the hook’ beer garden.

The game clocks are set to run for 16 minutes of continuous play. Each team or player has three guaranteed games, one for each sport, and then you are entered into the single elimination bracket.


Create your profile and get in the game. They use the Sport Ngin online registration solution to register participants or you can proceed online as a guest.

Cost began at $60 and has now scaled up to $110, by July 7th fees will be at a maximum of $125.  Registration closes on July 28th. I like how can preorder a sponsored Emerald City Smoothie to drink in between games.


  • 1 free cold beer
  • Super dry, comfy and techie Dri-FIT jersey
  • Admission to GA areas, including beer garden & live music
  • A chance to win cash (Div I only) & prizes (both Divisions)
  • A minimum of 3 games of play, one in each sport.
  • Swag bag with tons of free stuff from participating sponsors and partners

Division 1 – Division 2

D1 is for superior athletes while D2 is for exercisers that want to have fun, and played in high school and middle school.

– Cash prize – minimum of $1,000 up to $5,000 or more for the top team.

– Defend your title, and this time TruAthlete are paying for it.

-Swag bag with techie Dri-FIT jersey and a ton of free goodies (valued at $100).

-First ever crown trophy TruAthlete.

-Defend your hard earned title at the next TruAthlete event, this time your registration is on TruAthlete, and you’ll be bumped up to D1.

-First ever crown trophy TruAthlete (D2).

-Swag bag with techie Dri-FIT jersey and a ton of free goodies (valued at $100).

Teams / Players

All teams consist of 6 -10 players. Individuals sign up and enter “free agency” where you can request to be picked up, or teams can even scout you. Teams must have two women in play with up to 4 subs total.

Team Captain / Manager

–          Recruit and build your team by inviting players to your page or recruiting available players in free agency.

Premium Player

–          Build your profile and join any team or search available teams.

Create your profile and get in the game.


The Division I championship squad will take home a minimum $1,000 cash prize. Nathan said, “The cash prize will be calculated as a percentage of total registrations, for a maximum potential cash prize of $5,000 for the winning team.”

Other prizes to win include sports packages such as an Osprey Rafting Trip while Stevens Pass has generously provided 20 snow / mountain bike lift passes for winners.

Starfire Sports Complex is home to the first TruAthlete TriSport event
Starfire Sports Complex is home to the first TruAthlete TriSport event

Starfire Sports Complex

Starfire Sports is 54 acres of soccer centric heaven located minutes from Seattle in Tukwila, WA. The well designed campus features exceptional grass and lighted, all-weather, year-round turf soccer fields.  In addition, an 85,000 square foot Athletic Center houses two premier indoor fields, locker rooms, restaurants, retail and athletic training for any level of Sports Techie to engage with.


Kids ages 3 and up can attend a soccer day camp, a mini dance camp, gymnastics demonstrations, face painting, and much more. Dare you let your kid use your new Galaxy 4 smartphone to take HD quality video and crystal clear pictures of you playing each sport, of course you do.

Sponsor such as SkyHawks will be conducting a seminar for kids while others sponsors are offering youth focused dance and gymnastics activities.


Professional athletes and celebrities backing TruAthlete include current and former Seahawks Marshawn Lynch, Mack Strong, Roy Lewis and Kerry Carter; Olympic athlete Norris Frederick; producer and entertainer DeLon; UFC fighter Ramsey Nijem; and Cause Fitness founder and actress Rachel Elizabeth Murray.

CBS Radio just launched a digital media campaign spanning the next four weeks while airing four days per week on stations such as 94.1 KMPS and 96.5 Jack FM, plus several more around the Puget Sound region.

The next cities on the TruAthlete business development agenda are Austin, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

A Sports Techie friend of mine, Tracy Taylor at King 5 News, was looking for Free Agents to fill up her TruAthlete squad if you are near Seattle and need a team.

TruAthlete partnered with Dollar Per Month, which selects three different charities each month to support, in an effort to maximize their social impact. Members vote on which of the three charities they would like to support the most, submit new charities for consideration and can see their own personal social impact on the Dollar Per Month site.  DPM will receive 20% of the profits from TruAthlete.

Nathan said they are, “Looking for additional event sponsors, and interested company investors in the range of $100,000.” Contact: [email protected]

Web Site / Social Media

Web Site:

Twitter: TheTruAthlete

Instagram: thetruathlete



TruAthlete has embarked on a mission to re-define the meaning of a triathlete with a fresh genre of TriSport event
TruAthlete has embarked on a mission to re-define the meaning of a triathlete with a fresh genre of TriSport event

Sports Techie, Nathan and TruAthlete have indeed developed a fresh genre of sports triathlon, one that will rekindle your inner athlete. I have been part of operations and a player with large Hoop It Up, Air It Out, Kick It Up, and Spike it Up games and a number of other related events. I also ran a coed flag football league at Lake Washington high school years ago that produced game stats (ahead of its time), so I know how challenging it is to run these kinds of events. I can also attest to how fun an epic event like this is for all.

Mud Runs, dashes, and races are exploding in popularity all over the planet and we all love sports, music, beer or water, celebrities, and fun, one way or another, right. Event organizers are projecting 10,000+ attendees and athletes for this pioneering sports fun day.

Use the following links to save money on registration fees because we are Sports Techie, so represent.

TruManager ($60 off team manager –

TruPlayer (50% off player registration –

General Admission: StayTru (50% off –

If you enter before the end of July 4th, you will be automatically entered into a drawing for a pair of shoes from Run 26 ($120 value).

Enjoy the music; it is global and heavy on Seattle sounds. For the record, if you play Division 1 no beer drinking between games is allowed, that is not so for Division 2 though.

Our thanks go out to Nathan and TruAthlete. He says, “Prove it.”

I will see ya when I see ya, THE Sports Techie –

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