Triller Sponsors Female Arab-American NASCAR Driver Toni Breidinger

Triller Enters NASCAR Space With Partnership With Rising Star Toni Breidinger

The fact Triller is sponsoring American female and rookie driver, Toni Breidinger, of Arab decent, to disclose her racing journey experiences using their social media platform juiced by AI, is a real head turner and history maker. This news is not a headturner for me, or like-minded fans around the world and our country that love this progressive story but it is for any sport fan or person still living in the cave across America, throughout the Middle East or around the globe, that does not see equality for women as a universal right. Bravo to this brave 22-year-old, the all-time winningest women in United States Auto Club (USAC) history after her hard-earning 19 victories, a major accomplishment for any gender, resulting in relegation up to NASCAR’s ARCA Menards Series for the rest of 2021. Say this a few times – Arab-American female NASCAR driver. Then let it sink in, like the official results of the 2021 Presidential election. Not too long ago, there were no females, nor many minorities of any race to speak of racing in professional stock car racing. The Sports Techie community blog is based in the deep south of Georgia in Atlanta and I have worked alongside NASCAR as a contributor for years and that gives me valuable insight as to the magnitude of what this means to both girls and women, worldwide, as well as to the sport itself. In 2001, I lived in the A-T-L for almost a year and when I just arrived to help open the U.S. office of Dartfish, Dale Earnhardt died on February 18 while driving at Daytona International Speedway. Around these parts, it was the equivalent to the passing of JFK, MLK or Elvis Presley for non-NASCAR enthusiasts, RIP to all. Females and males in Lebanon, throughout the Middle East, and here in U.S., now have a role model with Lebanese and German descent, born in Hillsborough, California. Only in America!

“As a young athlete who has diverse interests and wants to have young people get excited about the sport I love, racing, Triller is the perfect place for me,” Breidinger said. “The mix of engaged socially conscious young people from around the world is the audience I want to connect with, and I think as we grow together all will learn, have fun and experience new events together. I am thankful for this partnership with Triller and for them to believe in female athletes and especially in motorsports.”

NASCAR’s Rising Social Star

Breidinger has almost 200,000 Instagram followers, including as of today, SportsTechie, giving her one of the most significant and engaged social follower counts compared to all NASCAR drivers, both young and old, or, male and female. The sport simply needs more followers, especially the younger audience. It won’t grow fast-or-large enough chasing potential adult fans outside the south making it logical and wise to pursue young fans across the millennial, GenZ and Gen C (COVID) generations, not just here in the States but also across the pond.

22-Year-Old Rookie, First Arab-American Female In NASCAR, To Use Triller For Multimedia Fan Engagement; Triller To Sponsor Her Car Starting This Weekend in ARCA Menards Race in Indiana

Superstar Credentials

During February, as the pandemic raged around the globe, Breidinger not only created NASCAR history as the sport’s first Arab-American female driver after racing in the ARCA Menards Series at Daytona Beach resulting in 18th place out of 33, she finished in front of the two other women competitors. This feat gained her an appearance on “Ellen.” Toni is one of the 10 lady driving role models trying to win this season at NASCAR races.

After activating the partnership for the Menards Race at Winchester Speedway in Winchester, Indiana, look for her to close out the season with five more races: August 22 at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield Illinois; September 5 at the DuQuoin State Fair in DuQuoin, Illinois; October 23rd at Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, KS; and November 6th at Phoenix Speedway in Phoenix, AZ. Breidinger is a mainstay right now in the ARCA Menards Series, the feeder division into a seat in the Nascar Touring Series. In 2021, Toni placed 18th at Daytona, 12th at Talladega, 12th at Kansas, and 20th at Charlotte.

Sportsbiz Partners

Starting this Saturday at the ARCA Menards Series race hosted by Winchester Speedway in Winchester, Indiana, Breidinger will get behind the wheel of the #25 Triller Toyota Camry. She recently switched to Venturini Motorsports, a Toyota Racing Development team, to close out the 2021 circuit season.

Besides her duties to document the NASCAR racing experience for fans on Triller, her car will be wrapped with Triller signage for this weekend’s event.

“Toni Breidinger is the perfect fit for our entry into NASCAR and all forms of racing for Triller,” said Bobby Sarnevesht, Chairman and Co-Owner of Triller. “She is a disruptive, smart, highly competitive, socially conscious and engaged athlete who our millions of followers are just starting to learn about. We look forward to helping to elevate her story and her platform and to connecting her with the stars who are already deeply involved in Triller, as well as giving our followers a first look into NASCAR and helping to grow the sport with a younger and very engaged and loyal audience.”   

TrillerNet 3.0

This business partnership announcement today out of Los Angeles, CA and Charlotte, NC, is in step with a society impacting Triller strategy extending into sports via their consolidation of technology and content platforms in anticipation of the digital leap to Internet 3.0.

I blogged earlier this year about the Triller Fight Club series while it was here in Atlanta. The fights are moving to Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden. Look for another feature event for the September 11 matchup (20th anniversary date of the 9/11 terrorist attack on New York City) between Oscar de La Hoya and Vitor Belfort held at the Staples Center in L.A.

Triller is known as the exclusive broadcast partner of the BIG3. They are also the official creator of the new global sport, FIREBALL3. Additionally, company purchased premium entertainment and sports channel FITE earlier this year.

The social platform promotes other large scale promotions merging sports and entertainment, highlighted by the hosting of the Space Jam 2 cast at Triller House in LA before the Warner Brothers film premiere starring LeBron James, Don Cheadle and several other NBA and WNBA stars.

Sports Techie, word is Triller has more announcements regarding new partnerships concerning global sport in upcoming months.

Perhaps none of these will have the same social impact as partnering with NASCAR’s newest sweetheart, Toni Breidinger.

We’ll see.

Just like mixed race Toni, THE Sports Techie was born in the USA only in East Lansing, MI, with proud Ecuadorian and Polish heritage. Millions of fellow American’s, whether born here or not, also have a wonderful mix of descendants. Least we forget the land’s original pioneers, Native-Americans. I am also an autism spectrum advocate because being a voice and parent for that way too often silent community is very important to me because of my autistic 8-year old son that starts public school, third grade next week. It means the universe to me to help all the others dealing with autism out there from adults to kids, as well as family, friends and supporters.

The world needs more uplifting sports tech-driven stories like this one involving a young female NASCAR driver with parents from Lebanon and Germany forever changing the sporting world, this time together with Trill, THE video-sharing social networking service, into a better place for everyone.

Maybe can put me on their digital airways to advocate for sports technology, sustainability, and as a strong and dedicated voice against social injustices for all. Grey hair is not a sign of weakness, it’s a badge of honor to get to this stage in life, lol. I’d sure like that.

If not, blog followers and readers, I’d love a sub on the Sports Techie YouTube channel on my drive to 1,000 subscribers, please and thank you.

Best wishes to Breidinger, her sponsorship team and race crew, this weekend and beyond.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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