Three New ShotTracker Enhancements Ready For College Basketball Broadcasts

ShotTracker Launches New Content Products For College Basketball and Broadcast

ShotTracker has three new products ready to enhance college basketball broadcasters with further automation, insights and 3D usable for digital publishers as well. Each feature is designed by Data Driven Sports (DDSports), the owner’s of ShotTracker, to enable users to monetize the app while further engaging hoops fans during the upcoming men and women NCAA Division I seasons. The application was programmed to scale the propriety real-time player and ball tracking data while pushing automated content and analytics from the platforms. A major upgrade in this version is the ability to showcase sponsored content for production like money in the bank. The Sports Techie community blog first wrote about the sport technology company last Jan when they raised $11 million, led by Evertz Technologies Limited and Verizon Ventures. Their next investment round will have to be in the 9 digit range after this product enhancement launch and resulting successes.

Data Driven Sports/ShotTracker Announces Automated Content Products To Drive Engagement And Revenue

ShotTracker 101

ShotTracker’s innovative system combines 70+ unique and completely autonomous basketball stats and insights to clients including teams, broadcasters and game partners, using sub-second latency.

Thus far, 63 pioneering men’s and women’s college basketball programs spanning 12 conferences rely on ShotTracker technologies to assist with practice, game and scouting needs. The number of user is sure to shoot up before the November 9th, D-I start date.

Sports Tech Upgrade

ShotTracker’s team of smart programmers in Kansas City, MO was busy the past year getting their product ready to release for the upcoming 2021-22 season. The pandemic caused the 2020-21 college basketball season to make safety adjustments like a coaching staff making adjustments after analyzing game analytics, key metrics and breakdowns then taking the revealing data to create winning gameplans for each practice, game or tournament.

The three newest products will impact top college basketball conferences that have ShotTracker installations. Look for the additions to provide industry-leading, data-driven brand activation capabilities.

“Our goal is to provide turnkey solutions to leading sports broadcasters and digital publishers to make the integration of ShotTracker data as streamlined and seamless as feasible,” said Davyeon Ross, DDSports/ShotTracker Co-Founder and President. “We commit to innovating and creating digital products that drive new revenue while also streamlining the content production process.”

Here are the three rich data APIs upgrades:

Automated Visualizations – customizable graphics with sponsor integrations designed for easy publishing to broadcast/OTT, digital, social and in-venue signage.

Insights Engine – AI-powered trends and streaks to drive game storylines and data-driven sales campaigns.

3D Gamecast – animated ball and player graphics powered by real-time X-Y-Z location data, designed to allow out-of-market fans to watch their team live, and for all fans to relive exciting game moments.

Further product feature sets:

Automated Visualizations:  Leveraging the robust ShotTracker Data API, and through its partnership with IMPACT, a leading automated visualization platform, ShotTracker data will come to life in dynamic graphics designed for use across broadcast/OTT, digital, social and in-venue signage. Graphics that once took hours to produce will now be automatically generated. Broadcast customers will have access to a user portal that will allow for design, data points and sponsor customizations. Product benefits include more content, lower production costs and greater advertising revenue.

Insights Engine: Realizing the increasing need to grab fans’ attention and keep them engaged, ShotTracker has partnered with Inside Edge, a leader in sports analytics, to develop a cutting-edge platform to produce instant insights from ShotTracker’s robust data set. Broadcasters and digital publishers will now have real-time access to unique streaks and trends that once took hours to manually derive. This innovative platform will not only drive engaging storylines for announcers and writers, but will also support high-value sponsor activations.

3D Gamecast: Since many fans do not have access to live game broadcasts, and because game highlight rights are often complex and limited, ShotTracker has developed a real-time visual representation of every second of game action for all ShotTracker-enabled men’s and women’s games across top NCAA Division I conferences. Fans will have the option to watch an entire game or to select key game moments. With ShotTracker’s X-Y-Z data stream, game action comes to life in a more engaging visual representation than the traditional 2D products in the marketplace. Developers can use ShotTracker’s Gamecast SDK to customize design as well as advertiser integrations.

The company list of corporate partners includes, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Spalding and Wilson.

For information and demos on ShotTracker products for Broadcasters, see:

For information and demos on ShotTracker products for Digital Publishers, see: 

To access the ShotTracker Data API, see:

Sports Techie, when I was a wee lad my Dad was involved with the Michigan State basketball program as a graduate assistant in the 60s. I once stopped a game in progress by stepping onto the court so I am told. To see how far the game has evolved thanks to sports tech is amazing to behold. ShotTracker is no exception, rather they are on the bleeding edge.

Sports broadcasters and digital publishers are set to benefit from the newest visualizations and analytics platforms put forth by ShotTracker data in real-time for the upcoming NCAA basketball season and for seasons to come.

My educated guess is gamification integration is next on the drawing board for DDSports as are API integration for sports betting opportunities as that industry begins to take over all of sports, broadcasts and publication content.

You can bet on that.

Hoop it up with ShotTracker!

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