Tennis NFTs Generated From In-Match Data Created By Art Blocks Engine And ATP

Art Blocks’ Engine Announces First Partnership with Sports Franchise ATP

ATP partnered with Art Blocks Engine to create the first data-driven generative art project capturing the essence of the sport of tennis with web3 to create unique NFTs for collection. These sports memorabilia, tech infused items created between the global governing body of men’s professional tennis and white-labeled generative minting technology, use in-match data from the Nitto ATP Finals to generate commemorative NFT art images which capture the thrilling season final of the ATP Tour. The new LOVE collection are stunning generative digital artworks created in collaboration with renowned artist Martin Grasser. Art Block’s newest on-chain partnership arm and its very first project drop are available at The Sports Techie community blog loves how the art powerhouse and sport league have come together to offer technology enhanced NFTs as first time generative art used to document sports history with hundreds of one-of-a-kind works of art created as the mints are revealed. The Web3 infrastructure solutions allow storytelling, community, and culture to ignite.

Daniele Sanó, ATP Chief Business Officer said, “Web3 is unlocking incredible new opportunities to innovate and bring sport to life for fans. LOVE represents an exciting first step in the space for the ATP Tour. The collection allows fans to own unique artwork generated by our season finale and showcases the richness of data we have in tennis. We’re delighted to break new ground at the intersection of sports and web3 in collaboration with true leaders in the industry.”

Art Blocks Engine and ATP Launch The World’s First Digital Art Collection Generated From In-Match Tennis Data


The art NFT project entitled LOVE is Art Blocks Engine‘s first partnership with a sports franchise. Imagined as a commemorative piece of sports memorabilia, the NFT will be generated entirely from official in-match data from the ATP Tour’s season finale. Shadows and court lines will indicate each ball’s location, velocity and direction of travel at the point of impact, creating not only a form of art but a reinvention of sports memorabilia.  Additional variables will be used to generate unexpected colors, texture and zoom, creating unique and beautiful collectibles for fans.

Hugh Heslep, Art Blocks Chief Operating Officer said, “Art Blocks Engine is the newest offering from Art Blocks, aimed at pushing forward the power of generative and allowing partners to share the magic of the minting experience with their communities. This project with ATP is a compelling use case for the intersection of tennis and dynamic digital collectibles, commemorating what will be historic moments from the Nitto ATP Finals. We are so excited to be a part of this project furthering the intersection of art, sports, and crypto.”

The LOVE collection went on sale Tuesday, December 6, 2022, where the artwork will be revealed at the point of minting. Each NFT will be randomly assigned a particular shot, selected from Nitto ATP Finals data, which will be used to live-generate the artwork at the point of sale.

The collection of 300 pieces sold out in under 40 minutes and is now trading on the secondary market for upwards of $1,000. 

Following the mint and reveal, collectors will be able to order a high-quality physical print of their artwork via Level Frames. In order to preserve the artwork’s exclusivity this process will be ‘token-gated’, ensuring that each NFT can only be printed by its owner. Fans will also be able to trade their LOVE NFT on the secondary market, with 1% of all secondary sales to be donated directly to the Giving Block’s Mental Health Impact Fund.

Martin Grasser said, “Art is in everything—a newspaper, a letter, a swing in a tennis match. These ordinary objects and moments can be broken apart into simple components and built back up into more intricate languages.”

The project entitled LOVE is Art Blocks Engine’s first partnership with a sports franchise and a significant advancement in the intersection of sports and web3

Sports Techie, tennis is a fun sport for competition, exercise and camaraderie but you need a high-quality racquet to play and train your best.

The same can be said for NFTs. You need thoughtful, provoking art, innovate technologies, and a community of fans ready to enjoy and collect each NFT as lasting and perhaps, profitable, sports memorabilia.

Such is the case with LOVE NFT, and the business collaboration between artist Martin Grasser, the ATP and Arts Block Engine.

These NFTs will make terrific holiday gifts!

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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