TeamSnap Health Check For COVID-19 Conducted Three Million Free Screenings

TeamSnap is doing their part in 2020 to screen kids for COVID-19 symptoms thanks to their Health Check screening feature used on 3 million kids playing youth sports across the United States, Canada and other parts of North America so far. Clubs and teams are using the platform’s new tool launched in August to perform health checks for thousands of kids. TeamSnap’s technology allows access to COVID-19 screening questions using iOS or Android mobile devices. The Sports Techie community applauds innovative sports tech companies for developing applications to help identify, track and manage the spread of coronavirus. Health Check by TeamSnap is a free for all users as a means to support sports organizations as their teams return to practice and playing games despite the ongoing pandemic in America.

TeamSnap Health Check

Boulder, Colorado is home to TeamSnap and a truly beautiful of the country area during the fall season. I have family living in the city. I like this story because the good folks at the company decided to tweak their platform and add Health Check for the greater good, a concept citizens and leaders of the United States need to remember.

Born in 2009, TeamSnap now has 24 million users made up of coaches, administrators, players and parents, all using their sports tech to better communicate, provide scheduling, collect payments and register users.

“TeamSnap Health Check has quickly become one of the most important features on our platform,” said Dave DuPont, Founder and CEO, TeamSnap. “It is gratifying to know that so many sports organizations are taking the necessary precautions and are trusting TeamSnap Health Check to manage the continuous screening process to help ensure a safe return to play.”

COVID-19 has stopped many youth sports leagues from operating as normal all over the US. Instead, with social distancing and mask protocols in place, soccer, football and volleyball leagues are doing modified reopening’s. Taking a kid’s temperature before they gather for a game or practice is only one solid step in performing all the necessary steps needed to clear a player or team for competition.

The Health Check screening tool for COVID-19 is the first such technology loaded into a sport management platform. User privacy is a core part of the product as is the ability for administrators to create and track reports. Notifying members to possible COVID-19 exposure is designed to be easy to do. In 2019, I blogged about TeamSnap’s integration with TeamGenius you can read about below.

Health Check works with all sports and group activities. Top ranked users include soccer, hockey and football clubs. Power user customers include New York Bluebirds & Baseball, Richmond Jets and Florida Hawks FC.

TeamSnap is tracking live engagement data for the the return to play like the Big Ten and Pac-12 college football conferences recently announced. This trend is on the rise in many states and border countries.

Please visit the Return to Sports with Confidence resource hub for additional information.

Sports Techie, leagues as large as the NFL face many of the same health and safety issues as adult recreation and youth leagues when it comes to COVID-19.

TeamSnap Health Check is there to help you play around COVID-19, not with it.

Be safe, wear a mask and have fun playing your sport again.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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