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  • Improve Athletic Performance with Better (and More) Sleep

    Sleep Like A World Sports Champion Hours spent in the weight room, interval training, speed training, and a well-balanced diet all affect athletic performance. But, there’s one common factor that’s often forgotten – sleep. When you consider the strain that an athlete’s body undergoes during a competition, it should come as no surprise that adequate […]

  • Plenty of Sports to Watch During the Summer

    Plenty of Sports to Watch During the Summer Feel like your sports watching goes into hibernation after the Super Bowl? Unbelievably, there is life post-season. Why not take on a new sport? There are plenty of sports to watch throughout summer, and you can start right now because the 2015 sports viewing season is in […]

  • Churchill Downs New 4K Video Board By Panasonic For Kentucky Derby Is World’s Largest

    The new “Big Board” installed by Panasonic at Churchill Downs, the historic home of the Kentucky Derby, will be the only video board in an outdoor stadium or arena capable of displaying the new and advanced 4K ultra-high definition technology. Churchill Downs Racetrack (“CDRT”) unveiled a new $12 million, 15,224 square foot, high-definition (HD) LED […]

  • MLB PrePlay Enhances Second Screen, Fan Experience And Sponsor ROI

    The sports technology suite of PrePlay free apps allows you and your Sports Techie friends to predict every play of every game and earn currency while watching live sport broadcasts. MLB PrePlay is off to its second year and is the official Major League Baseball prediction game. The New York startup had 25 million predictions […]