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The Best Cycling Gear of 2018

As  summer  comes  into  full  swing,  cyclists  everywhere  are  putting  away  their  indoor  bikes  and  hitting  the  open  roads  (or  trails).  The Sports Techie community blog has a wide ranch of bike riders with some enjoying the latest and greatest sports tech driven cycling products while others go low tech and ride with one gear and unfortunately, no helmet, although still fun. If  you’re  still  dusting  the  winter  cobwebs  off  your  outdoor  biking  gear,  you  might  find  yourself  looking  to  replace some  pieces  – or  just  upgrade  to  the  latest  model.

The Best Cycling Gear of 2018.

High Tech Bike Products

Whatever  you’re  after,  this  comprehens...

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First-ever US Women’s Ski Jumping Team Documents Training in Web Series REFUEL USA By Got Milk

The New Women's Ski Jumping Team USA Got Chocolate Milk

The New Women’s Ski Jumping Team USA Got Chocolate Milk

Women’s Ski Jumping USA is composed of seven extraordinary women who are making history. This team of inspirational athletes bonded over their passion for flight and because of their influence, for the first time, women are able to compete at the highest level in the sport. The Sports Techie community blog is excited to share a sports tech centric part of the story about these pioneering women drink chocolate milk to help fly the length of a football field on a snow covered ramp in excess of 60 miles per hour down mountains as they prepare and train for Sochi. The XXII Olympic Winter Games, or the 22nd Winter Olympics, are scheduled to take place February 6th – 23rd,...

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