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  • ForceDecks Sports Tech By NMP Technologies EIS Official Supplier

      ForceDecks Sports Tech By NMP Technologies EIS Official Supplier The sports tech athlete performance monitoring system ForceDecks was today named an official supplier of the English Institute of Sport (EIS). ForceDecks created by NMP (Neuromuscular Performance) Technologies developed impactful force-platform technology in their laboratory then unleashed their product onto the training ground for top […]

  • Post Sochi: The Technology Behind the World’s Largest Sporting Event via iQ by Intel

    The sports technology integrated into the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Russia was mind blowing as was the over $50 billion International event price tag. I was privileged to once again write for iQ by Intel about a trending topic wrapped in sports tech for the Sports Techie community blog. Sports + Tech By […]

  • What’s That Olympic Sport Called Again?

    Sophia from sports-management-degrees.com posted an Infographic “What’s That Olympic Sport Called Again?”, which the Sports Techie community blog is happy so share with our readers all over  the world. Many of the summer and winter Olympic sports in this Infographic have a glorious history that go back over one hundred years. Every two years we turn on our t.v.’s and […]