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Saiphs is Here!

Saiphs! Finally launched! The new Superior Athletic Clothing for the serious athlete is here. Thousands of miles run, tons of pounds lifted, torture tested only by the best in sports Saiphs finally has come up with the correct combination of fabrics and threads that will adorn to the body like no other. From NFL Players, to NBA players to Cyclists and Triathletes, all of had a hand in the development of this superior product. They are proud to be here and are excited about fitting the world! Saiphs Superior Athletic Wear!

Watch Video of Saiphs Superior Athletic Wear on Vimeo!

Blog Q&A with Saiphs Co-Owner, Scott Weeden

Scott Weeden

Q: Where can I buy Saiphs?

A: At the moment, Saiphs gear is available exclusively through our website, w...

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