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  • US Open Green Initiatives By USTA Sustainability Program Revolution

    Sustainability is a core principle of The Sports Techie community blog as it is for the US Open. The change in their corporate culture started in 2008 with the US Open Green Initiatives. The latest 2019 version of the program is a blue-print for all major events, sport or otherwise, as they continue do their […]

  • The Rise of Eco-Friendly Golf Courses

    The Rise of Eco-Friendly Golf Courses The environmental challenges facing golf is very real and the sport is rising to meet them including the use of sports tech as a solution. Because of this global sustainability dilemma, THE Sports Techie community blog is willing to share the GolfOnline UK infographic created to share some of […]

  • How the Ski Industry Affects the Environment

    Nearly 96 percent of consumers have a positive image of companies that participate in cause marketing, reports research group Cone/Echo. How does this affect ski and other sports enthusiasts? Providing inexpensive products and services isn’t enough in today’s consumer-savvy market. In addition to demanding products that add value and make life easier, consumers want to […]