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  • NFL Pro Bowl DE Cam Jordan’s My Perfect Shot On Orbea eBike At UC Berkeley

    Part of Orbea’s “My Perfect Shot” series, the fourth episode captured Cam’s inspiring story, his relationship with bicycling, outdoor adventure, and his life off the football field Orbea, the leading bicycle manufacturer in Mallabia, Spain since 1844, and eight time NFL Pro Bowl defensive end Cameron Jordan of the New Orleans Saints, together with videographer […]

  • NFL Competition Committee Pass Interference Instant Replay Resistance Was Futile

    The NFL Competition Committee unanimously approved and officially finalized the new review rule for instant replay on pass interference for the upcoming 2019 season, only. By recommending the rule, booth reviews will occur inside two minutes and Coaches Challenges outside of two minutes, according to the league. This final ruling came one week after teams […]

  • Should Replay Decisions Be Ended In The NFL?

    The New England Patriots have benefited again from the NFL’s review system to secure the number one seed in the AFC Conference for the post-season. Their fortune has drawn the ire and the whisper of ‘conspiracy theory’ by fans and the teams chasing them alike in the battle to reach the Super Bowl. The question […]

  • Seattle Seahawks, Century Link Field Plus 12s Are NFL Odds Game Changers

    Seattle Seahawks, Century Link Field Plus 12s Are NFL Odds Game Changers Stadiums such as Century Link (Clink) Field, the NFL home stadium of the Seattle Seahawks, are full of technologies that increase fan engagement that ultimately provide a competitive edge affecting the odds and point spread. In regards to the Hawks, the 12s make […]

  • Colin Kaepernick Destined to Seat Alone in National Anthem Protest

    Colin Kaepernick Destined to Seat Alone in National Anthem Protest Myke Tavares caused some controversy when he suggested that he would remain seated during the national anthem in the Eagles’ next preseason game. Then all the hullaballoo died down when Tavares retracted his statement soon afterward, which doesn’t really say anything to anyone who only […]

  • Topps New Fantasy Football 2014 NFL Trading Cards

    Topps New Fantasy Football 2014 NFL Trading Cards The Topps Company, Inc. and the National Football League have partnered on a new set of trading cards for adults and kids that are fantasy football focused. The NFL.com and Topps® are cashing in on the fantasy sports popularity with trading cards loaded with detailed NFL player […]

  • First Down Laser Line Needed In Football Yesterday

    The First Down Laser and Laser Leader Line are the kind of technology that augments sports by helping to correct human error by officials and ensuring the ebb and flow of a game is not compromised by unnecessary instant replay. The LASERLINE would have prevented this delay in the Chic-fil-A Bowl game. Chick-fil-A Bowl Alan Amron, […]

  • NBA motion tracking powered by Intel improves team performance and fan experience

    New Motion-Tracking Tech Allows NBA Fans to See Players Like Never Before for iQ by Intel by Robert (Bob) Roble, THESportsTechie. NBA Sports Technology Words cannot describe the excitement and honor I felt representing the Sports Techie community blog for a NBA sports technology article for iQ by Intel about the platform created by SportVU […]

  • The New Orleans Saints State of Technology

    The New Orleans Saints State of Technology. This is the second Sports Techie exclusive interview with Mickey Loomis, the General Manager of the New Orleans Saints, what an honor. Sports Techie and I extend our gratitude to Mickey for the opportunity to chat about Saints technology. Our ST blog with Mickey Loomis from last season can […]

  • O Seahawks And Spiritof12 Fans Rock The Qwest

    The O (Original) Seahawks and Spiritof12 fans get ready rock and make an earthquake happen at Qwest Field in Seattle during the New Orleans Saints NFL Wildcard Playoff Game, and Sports Techie was there!