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  • Groupon Coupon For The Sports Techie Community Blog

    Groupon Coupon was designed to change the way consumers shop and help national retailers sell, market and brand to eager people looking for savings at the click of a button. By providing more than 82,000 free online coupons from in excess of 9,000 partnered companies and over 12,000 stores, Groupon has struck a digital cord […]

  • Internet Past And Present Infographic

    Internet Past And Present Infographic The history of technology, in particular the Internet, is a topic full of excitement and exponential development meaning in the past, development was slow but achievements were big. Today, we dream up and invent amazing new cloud or miniature web delivery modes in much shorter time frames. Take a gander […]

  • Your 2014 GSS Start-Up Competition Finalists

    The Global Sports Symposium (GSS) Pitch Competition gives sport start-ups crucial exposure to top agencies, teams, leagues, and entrepreneurs in the sports industry plus the chance to win up to one month’s worth of advisory services from 1010 Capital, a global merchant bank that focuses on incubating, advising and investing in consumer brands and ventures […]

  • How the Ski Industry Affects the Environment

    Nearly 96 percent of consumers have a positive image of companies that participate in cause marketing, reports research group Cone/Echo. How does this affect ski and other sports enthusiasts? Providing inexpensive products and services isn’t enough in today’s consumer-savvy market. In addition to demanding products that add value and make life easier, consumers want to […]

  • New JumpSeat iOS App Gives Fans Wireless Ability To Exchange Seats At Live Events

    JumpSeat is a new iOS app that allows event-goers across the nation to either offer their seats or view the inventory of seats available and then pre-arrange for a ticket exchange right at the event. The Sports Techie blog spoke to Torrey Smith, founder of JumpSeat, yesterday during their App Store product and service launch […]