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How Much Does Your Health Impact Your Wealth?

Tips to save money can be found virtually anywhere these days. Pack your own lunch, skip the morning Starbucks, etc., but did you know that your spending habits also affect your wealth? Recent studies show that if you kick a couple of bad habits, you can improve both your health and your wealth. The Sports Techie community blog welcomes contributions such as the following infographic.

How Much Your Health Impacts Your Wealth

Via: InvestmentZen.com

Health and Wealth

To no surprise, smoking tops the list as one of the worst habits financially and for your health. With the average cost of a cigarette costing 31 cents, the cost of cigarettes alone can cost over 1,300 dollars a year. The financial commitment doesn’t stop with just buying a pack of smokes...

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Big Data Numbers and Analysis of Athletic Diets

Hannah Williams has been following our Sports Techie community blog for quite some time now and shared the recently published Infographic “Athletic Diets : The Numbers” researched by Nursing School Rankings. Diets are a popular and progressive topic that can be controversial. That’s probably even more so when it comes to athletes all over the world and what they eat locally and while away at competitions. This Infographic provides some diet and health related statistics, both general and for athletes, with an emphasis on those that competed in the 2012 London Olympics...

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