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  • Levi’s Stadium Deploys Qylatron Entry Experience Solution By Qylur

    Levi’s Stadium Deploys Qylatron Entry Experience Solution By Qylur Qylur Intelligent Systems has the checkpoint of the future installed and deployed at Levi’s® Stadium one month ago with hopes the NFL approves further deployment for Super Bowl 50 just three months away. Will this security-as-a-service technology prevent the kind of suicide bomber that was blocked […]

  • Super Bowl Security is not a Game – It’s been at Level 1 since 9-11

    Forget stoic Peyton Manning vs. brash Richard Sherman – the biggest Super Bowl story surrounds unprecedented security for Super Bowl XLVIII, where a projected 400,000 will invade New York/New Jersey for the first cold-weather venue Big Game in NFL history. For several months, the FBI, local police, marine and military experts have been working on […]

  • Qylur Automated, Self-Service, Security-Screening Kiosk Is Revolutionary

    Qylur has designed a game-changing new bag-screening technology called the Qylatron that will improve fan experience for sports and entertainment venues, monuments and transportation hubs. The industry-first Qylatron scans guest IDs and screens bags five times faster, detects multiple security threats, reduces security costs with up to 50-percent less staffing, and improves the guest experience. […]