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Who Are The Sports Techie Community?

Who Are The Sports Techie Community?

Who Are The Sports Techie Community?

Who Are The Sports Techie Community?

THE Sports Techie community now numbers over 21,000 people worldwide plus a few cherished animals and friendly robots. As the founder and curator of this original sports technology venture and adventure, it is my pleasure to connect with each one of you via tech, social media and blogs. Sport, fitness and recreation are part of our core values but as many of you know or are finding out for the first time reading this blog but there are many other topics that help define our online culture such as sustainability, longevity and obesity, muscular dystrophy in honor of a set of twins from my hometown of Redmond with this disease I cared for, and autism be...

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Because nearly 16 percent of kids and teens in the U.S. are overweight, it is more important now than ever for parents and kids to develop a healthy living regimen and a strategy to remain motivated to exercise. Staying active can prevent a teen’s chances of developing Type 2 diabetes or from developing cardiovascular problems. If you develop a regimen with your kids, they’re more likely to maintain good habits into their adulthood. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when you’re looking for ways to stay motivated:

1. Explain the Importance of Health to Your Teens

Kids — like everyone else — aren’t just motivated by force; they need to know why they need to do something...

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The Best BlackBerry Apps for Cyclists

People bike for all sorts of reasons: relaxation, exercise, commuting or sports performance. While you might know the reasons 57 million cyclists ride, according to Bicycling Info, you might not know that there are cyclist apps designed to make riding more enjoyable and safer. These Blackberry apps help you find your way, keep you motivated even when you don’t think you can’t bike another mile and help you connect with other cyclists if you’re looking for a communal biking experience.

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When you’re cycling to work off the pounds or develop muscle, having a companion app to track how far you’re going, the elevation, your speed and other fitness details allows you to keep a log of how much you’re doing in the pursuit of fitness...

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Cross Nats is a Thrilla


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Cross Nats

The 2010 USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross Nationals otherwise known as Cross Nats, are being held once again in Bend, Oregon from Dec 8-12th.  Bike Town USA and Visit Bend are putting on a fun filled five-day celebration of the Cyclo-Cross lifestyle for the second year in a row.  Follow 2010 Cross Nat Twitter updates at: Cross Nats.

USA Cycling

I wanted to know more about what USA Cycling will be doing to ramp up this years exciting races. Turns out Race Director Ben Ross and his team have designed an improved 2010 championship race course with more technically challenging sections at the Old Mill District.

Old Mill District

The Old Mill District is hosting the National CX Championships course...

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