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Is The English Premier League the Best Soccer League in the World? – Sports Techie blog.

Is The English Premier League the Best Soccer League in the World?

There is a regular argument in soccer or football as they call it in England, as to which league is the best. Now there are different factors to consider in this argument, so it is necessary to look at the debate for different angles. Does ‘the best’ mean most watched? Or highest revenue? Or best players? The Sports Techie community blog knows the answer is not an exact science, rather an opinion. Let’s take a deeper look and drill down into the different areas:

The signing fees of football players has rocketed in recent years and this year saw Neymar sign for PSG ...

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If you know soccer, you know that Messi is going to be talked about forever in the digital history books. The Sports Techie community blog has the opportunity to promote this world class athletes adidas collection to our readers…and it’s not just football cleats. This adidas collaboration with Lionel Messi has a variety of cutting edge products with sports technology attributes.

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Messi: Fast or Fail. adidas Soccer
This has been another amazing year for Messi, not just on the field…but off! He now has his own entire adidas Soccer line of gear that you can get for yourself. Messi is the first football player in ...

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