Super Bowl – A Preview of the Favorites

Super Bowl 54 in 2020 is set to be played at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami

Super Bowl LIV is set to kick off in February 2020 at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium. The Miami Dolphins will certainly be looking to be featured being the home team. The Dolphins are re-building their team with new Head Coach Brian Flores who used to be an assistant at the New England Patriots. Other changes to the squad include the departure of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, with high IQ Ryan Fitzpatrick and former Arizona Cardinals 10th overall pick Josh Rosen added as quarterbacks to strengthen their anemic offense. The Sports Techie community blog visited Miami a few months ago and saw how NFL fanatical the city is firsthand. Do not bet money you cannot afford to lose. Go 12s!

Put your money where your mouth is on the Minnesota Vikings to win SB LIV!

The Minnesota Vikings

If you are looking for a good underdog to bet on, you ought to consider the Minnesota Vikings. With current odds at 25/1, this will certainly be a nice paying wager should they win. Last season saw the Vikings struggle to compete on the offensive line and provide cover for the under achieving and overpaid Kirk Cousins at quarterback. They ended up with the 20th ranked offensive when the NFL concluded last season because of a pair of talented wide receivers in Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielan. Their shortcomings such as injuries to running back Dalvin Cook were evident and obvious.

Thankfully, Minnesota Vikings have been proactive in procuring Garret Bradbury to play at center and also signing free agent Josh Kline, the former Tennessee Titans guard to a three-year deal. In 2017, the Vikings came really close to realizing their Super Bowl dreams making 2019 the year that it may all come together for them.

Some current SuperBowl Betting Odds to win Super Bowl LIV

At current odds of 14/1, you could also fancy the Chicago Bears because of their bruising defense or the Green Bay Packers who went out and got Hall of Fame quarterback, Aaron Rogers, a new Head Coach.

The defending champions, New England Patriots are currently joint favorites along with Kansas City Chiefs at 6-1 odds. At 10-1 odds are the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints, both teams were in the infamous “Pass Interference” NFC Championship fiasco game last season. Four teams come in with 14-1 odds, including the Indianapolis Colts, Bears, Philadelphia Eagles and Packers.

The Los Angeles Chargers are the only team with odds of 16-1. The 20-1 odds teams all seem to be worthy of a punt, namely, the Cleveland Browns behind Baker Mayfield and OBJ, followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers minus Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown, and then the Dallas Cowboys as long as they get running back Ezekiel Elliott signed soon. At 25-1, comes our underdog pick – the Viks. They are followed up at 30-1 odds by the mighty Seattle Seahawks who signed QB Russell Wilson to a $140 million, four year contract in the off-season with a $65 million signing bonus and seem ready to win the NFC West.

The Favorites

The Minnesota Vikings could be the way to go if you prefer backing an underdog, but in all honestly, the chances are relatively slim. There are some heavy contenders to deal with. The top 4 favorites at this time are the Patriots, Chiefs, Saints and the LA Rams. There really is no need to go into details as to why the New England Patriots are the favorites. The Super Bowl is basically theirs to lose because of NFL GOATs, QB Tom Brady and HC Bill Belichick.

K.C. is no slouch either led by NFL MVP, Patrick Mahomes. They missed a Super Bowl appearance by a hair last year to the Pats on an off-sides call and will be hungry for another chance this time around. The Saints are the NFC favorites and third in line when it comes to Super Bowl favorites. They have one of the most complete rosters and an absolute Rockstar of a quarterback in Drew Brees, who throws to Michael Thomas, the highest paid WR in the league at 5-years, $100 million.

When it comes to Super Bowl betting odds, they can change quite substantially in the days leading up to kick off. To stay updated with all the current odds be sure to check out the breaking news. When it comes to current odds, and the latest news about all things sport, sports technology and fantasy sports, visit a sportsbook so you can get your bets in!

Can the Philadelphia Eagles get back and win Super Bowl LIV?

Sports Techie, so who will you put your money on in the Super Bowl LIV?

The local Atlanta Falcons are 40-1 underdogs but if the stars align, they stay healthy and the young offensive line jells, they can make a run at winning the Lombardi Trophy just like a majority of the the teams.

The NFL prides itself on parity but the safest bet, might be the right bet.

Training camp ends after the last preseason games on August 29. The NFL’s game one is September 5 when the Packers visit the Bears on TNF.

Game on!

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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