StreamTranscribe Uses AWS Transcribe, Machine Learning And AI to Generate Video Caption In 30 Languages

The automated voice to text transcription tool produces ready-to-publish closed captions in multiple languages with speed and accuracy

Generate accessible and globalized video captions in over 30 languages with StreamTranscribe

StreamAMG upgraded their automated transcription sports tech product, StreamTranscribe. Sports organizations can use the tool to produce video captions from a single source in multiple languages. This technology upgrade allows users to generate proprietary content automatically in more than 30 languages using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies saving staff valuable time and eliminating manual transcripts while optimizing workflow. The Sports Techie community blog previously shared the launch of this system in 2019 by AFC Bournemouth. The relaunch today of translated closed captions in numerous languages takes minutes to render eliminating the need for manual transcription services. Watching sport just got better for those that need CC.

Satisfied StreamTranscribe Users Include AFC Bournemouth


The process of providing voice to text video transcription is automated by StreamTranscribe. Set new uploads to translate video captioned content in nearly the blink of an eye. By offering languages from all over the world, publishers can share transcribed videos with a global audience in just a few minutes. The old way of producing manual transcriptions is a thing of the past now with StreamTranscribe saving busy content teams both money and time while increasing reach and accessibility.

Andrew De Bono, Chief Technology Officer, StreamAMG, said, “Automated translation is an exciting new addition to StreamAMG’s AI & ML-driven transcription offering, StreamTranscribe. It reflects our commitment to developing innovative video-centric solutions using cutting edge technologies. We’re looking forward to helping our customers reach new audiences worldwide, increase the value of their video content and make compliancy as easy as flipping a switch.”

This automated closed caption process takes half the playback time. Punctuation, matching speech and text-to-video frame time alignment with natural language processing techniques creating ready to publish content for immediate use.

Comparable in accuracy to other automated solutions for sale on the market, StreamAMG uses AWS Transcription service combined with ML and AI for increased accuracy that improves the more it is used.

Using feedback from top content teams in the Premier League, the government and other business organizations, StreamTranscribe was designed with scalability and to meet API integration needs with existing content workflows. A publisher can select individual video files for transcription or translation, or automate new upload processing as a default within a custom ruleset using a single interface. Word filters and replacement rules are in place to stop names, profanity and edge cases as a check and balance before processing is done ensuring a high-quality finished product.

Pricing is based on usage not a set subscription fee. The system simply calculates the minutes of transcribed video and the amount of languages it transcribes.

Satisfied users include AFC Bournemouth, the UK Government’s Department of Work and Pensions and additional business all enjoying their easily accessible videos transcribed automatically with speed and accuracy.

StreamTranscribe Uses AWS Transcribe, Machine Learning And AI to Generate Video Caption In 30 Languages

Sports Techie, StreamTranscribe provides media owners a quick and easy manner in which to connect video content with new and existing audiences worldwide.

StreamAMG is a leader in video technology, live streaming and sports OTT, delivering over 30 million hours of live content and over 8,000 events per year. They partner with sports, media and betting organizations to construct and implement superior user experiences.

My son on the autism spectrum loves to read words on the screen in any language as do sport fans all over the world for whatever their particular reasons.

Now they can with StreamTranscribe.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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