SPORTIME Pickleball Expands Into New York And New Jersey

SPORTIME Pickleball Announces Second and Third Locations in New York and New Jersey as Part of Broad Expansion Plan

Westbury Long Island, Wayne New Jersey Locations, joining already announced Armonk New York Location with goal of 200+ dedicated indoor courts by 2030

SPORTIME Pickleball is coming to New York and New Jersey in 2024 and 2025, respectively. SPORTIME Pickleball Westbury (575 Merrick Ave.) will open in the fall of 2024 and SPORTIME Pickleball Wayne (Willowbrook Plaza) is scheduled for a spring of 2025 opening. These prime locations are SPORTIME’S second and third announced dedicated pickleball club locations, which will be the two largest and most comprehensive facilities in their markets, joining an 11 court facility under construction in Armonk, NY. The Sports Techie community blog has watched pickleball become one of the fastest growing sports in the United States in a relatively short amount of time with 36.5 million players engaging at least once in 2022, and culminating with the existence of Major League Pickleball (MLP) invested in by the likes of LeBron James and March Cuban. I first played pickleball in Washington state back in the 1980s. Franklin Sports is a major driver of pickleball’s growth as it tries to become an official Olympic sport. With all this positivity regarding the easy, fun and social sport, it will be interesting to see when or if pickleball hits a growth saturation point.

SPORTIME Pickleball’s 3 signed leases represent over 110,000 square feet and will boast 45 indoor courts

“We are excited to announce our newest SPORTIME Pickleball locations in Westbury and Wayne, with more great locations coming soon,” said Claude Okin, President & CEO of SPORTIME. “For the ever growing masses of pickleball lovers in the Tri-State area, and for those who will no doubt be joining those legions in the months and years to come, SPORTIME Pickleball locations will provide the highest quality indoor pickleball facilities and programs, consistent with the SPORTIME brand. We are proud to have been a racket sports leader in our region since 1994”.

SPORTIME Pickleball Expansion

The 50,000 square foot SPORTIME Pickleball location in Wayne, NJ will include 20 indoor courts and is located in the busiest shopping district in the State, with 16 million visitors each year. This will be the largest indoor pickleball facility in New Jersey and will feature a stadium court, food and beverages and event spaces. In addition to a high volume of daily play and instruction, it is expected to be a major destination site for local and national pickleball tournaments, as well as for large-format group and corporate events.

SPORTIME Pickleball Westbury will feature 13 dedicated indoor pickleball courts and will be the largest indoor pickleball facility in New York State. Its proximity to the Meadowbrook Parkway and The Roosevelt Field mall, along with thousands of other businesses and densely populated residential areas, make it an ideal pickleball hub for Nassau County.

Daren Hornig, SPORTIME’s partner in their pickleball venture, is leading the company’s real estate expansion efforts. “These two locations, along with our first location in Armonk, the numerous additional locations we are currently negotiating, and those to follow, will enable SPORTIME Pickleball to be the leader in this space in the Tri State area. While aggressively lining up sites, we are also being very selective, in that all of our locations will be accessible and will allow us to build out high quality, regulation playing spaces, including high ceilings and full court dimensions,” commented Hornig. 

SPORTIME Pickleball’s 3 signed leases represent over 110,000 square feet and will boast 45 indoor courts. The company is actively negotiating agreements throughout the 5 boroughs of New York City, as well as in prime locations in New Jersey and Connecticut. 

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Sports Techie, the sports’ demographics are interesting to breakdown. It seems to consist of older people looking to stay active, transitional athletes coming from say tennis and other sports, and recreational players of all ages. This makes for a nice mix and range of players.

SPORTIME Pickleball can accommodate all ranges of pickleballseurs.

If you live in the Tri State region or are visiting, look them up.

Their new facilities promise to be state-of-the-art.

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