ShotTracker Use On Live Display At Hall Of Fame Classic Nov 22-23

ShotTracker Use On Live Display At Hall Of Fame Classic Nov 22-23, 2021

College basketball’s 2021 Hall of Fame Classic will showcase ShotTracker on November 22-23 at T-Mobile Arena in Kansas City, Mo. Coaches and players will have the opportunity to use and see real-time data and video experiences during live play and timeouts in a first of its kind experience. The Arkansas, Cincinnati, Illinois and Kansas State men’s programs are expected to take full advantage of ShotTracker’s entire suite of immersive tools. Fans in attendance and those viewing on TV and streaming on digital devices will also benefit from the data-driven looks on Monday and Tuesday during the two-night #HOFClassic event presented by The Sports Techie community blog followers and readers can think of this new sports tech look to be similar to how the NFL uses Microsoft tablets on the sideline during games to look at formations, alignments and stats. ShotTracker’s player-tracking in-game technology is legal thanks to a new experimental NCAA rule enabling video technologies on team benches during live action. You may think this evolution of the game as a no-brainer (get well Dick Vitale) like me but change can take time so I’ll take this logical step as a good start for Division I basketball games nationwide.

ShotTracker Brings All Encompassing Tech For First Time To Hall Of Fame Classic Presented By On Monday And Tuesday


ShotTracker’s parent company Data Driven Sports (DDSports) has unique, real-time player and ball tracking data, combined with automated partner content and analytics platforms available for all four games. Watch as Automated Cameras, “Tech On the Bench,” and Real-Time Referee Support Video, plus more, is implemented during each game.

“We are excited to be able to use the Hall of Fame Classic as the first and boldest use of all the ways technology can and will impact the fan, the broadcaster, brands and the coaching experience going into the very near future,” said Davyeon Ross, DDSports/ShotTracker Co-Founder and President. “We have seen each piece of the presentation tested and implemented successfully in the past few years and being able to showcase every aspect of our work for a global audience is historic not just for our business, but for the fan and the coaching experience.”

ShotTracker’s innovative system combines 100+ unique and completely autonomous basketball stats and insights to teams, broadcasters and game partners with sub-second latency. Their tech is in use by 63 men’s and women’s college basketball programs spanning 12 conferences. Partners include Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Spalding and Wilson.

Data Driven Sports/ShotTracker to Drive Ultimate Experience for Hall of Fame Classic

Hall Of Fame Classic Tech Evolution

Kansas City-based National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) operates the Hall of Fame Classic, first partnering with ShotTracker in 2018 as a means to introduce integrated technology as part of the tournament’s operations. In 2018, the Hall of Fame Classic pioneered the use of ShotTracker’s player-tracking technology across DI games.

“Our partnership with ShotTracker has helped develop the Hall of Fame Classic into one of the most innovate events in all of sports,” said NABC Executive Director Craig Robinson. “Technological and data-driven advancement is the future of college basketball, and ShotTracker and the Hall of Fame Classic continue to be at the forefront of that movement.”

Automated Cameras, “Tech On the Bench,” Real-Time Referee Support Video to be Part of Fully Immersive Experience November 22-23 at T-Mobile Center in Kansas City

Features and Specs

Video on the Bench: All coaches will be able to access real-time advanced analytics combined with video clips to optimize their lineups and play-calling during games, via the ShotTracker app on Apple iPad Pro tablets. Evertz Microsystems, a ShotTracker technology partner and investor, will combine data and video within their DreamCatcherTM platform, generating real-time clips associated with each statistic. In addition to ball movement stats such as Point Per Possession broken down by the number of passes made, ball reversals and paint touches will be new ball and off-ball screen metrics powered by machine learning from ShotTracker partner and investor Verizon. “Bringing ShotTracker’s fast and accurate data into DreamCatcherTM makes these innovations possible,” said Vince Silvestri, Vice President Software Systems at Evertz. “We’re excited about the potential of our ShotTracker partnership to drive the real-time experiences that teams and fans crave.”

Advanced Analytics & Graphics: Deeper, clearer data-driven graphics will enhance both the in-game experience for fans on mobile devices and on video boards as well as for broadcasters. Unique metrics that coaches rely on for managing their team will be brought to life on every screen, including ball and player tracing and augmented reality shot charts.

Video Assisted Referee (VAR) Replay Support: The same DreamCatcherTM replay technology used for live sports production is also an industry-leader in sub-second Video Assisted Referee (VAR) applications. Replay officials can view multiple 4K video angles in sync, and use one-touch zoom for greater clarity, POV and analysis, so that referee judgements and play challenges can be fast and accurate, aiding the flow of games.

Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips: Supporting the trend toward “paperless statistics,” up to the second wide-ranging game data will be provided to members of the press via a dashboard designed for easy access and new insights. In addition to traditional game metrics, data beyond the box score will be available in real time, helping drive unique storytelling.

Additional information is at

Sports Techie, you may not be aware that the NABC is located in Kansas City, or that it was was founded in 1927 by Phog Allen, the legendary basketball coach at the University of Kansas.

Allen was a student of James Naismith, the actual inventor of basketball. He organized coaches to be the Guardians of the Game. Currently, the NABC group has almost 5,000 members mostly made up of university and college men’s basketball coaches.

After reading this blog you are aware that sports tech on the sideline at college basketball games is now here thanks to the Hall of Fame Classic and ShotTracker.

It sure would be cool if one, or all four of the games comes down to a last second shot powered by ShotTracker technologies for all participants to see.

Hoop it up.

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