ShotTracker For Basketball Raises $11 Million Via Evertz Technologies And Verizon Venture

ShotTracker is a sensor-based system that automatically captures statistical and performance analytics for your entire team in real-time. We’re talking shot charts, optimal lineups, box scores and so much more, all streaming instantly in the palm of your hand.

ShotTracker, (DDSports, Inc.) raised $11 million led by Evertz Technologies Limited and Verizon Ventures to continue developing their proprietary, performance data tracking sports technology system in use by 63 men’s and women’s college basketball programs across 12 conferences. Sensors are installed to capture stats and subsequent analytics with a mere sub-second latency enabling the use of 5G. Live sports from remote productions are hosted in the cloud increasing accessibility, storytelling abilities and monetization opportunities for users. The Kansas City, Mo based sports tech company will use the influx of funding to grow though the NCAA Division I Power 6 Basketball Conferences along with meeting other business development objectives. ShotTracker’s partners include Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Spalding and Wilson. The Sports Techie community blog is back for 2021 and excited to cover the industry as we hit the stretch run of putting COVID-19 and President Trump behind us as one nation. Content owners get excited to produce personalized content for loyal and new fans, as well as the opposing team audience, across multiple platforms.

ShotTracker, Every Stat, Instantly

Michigan State University Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Tom Izzo, says, “The film doesn’t lie, ShotTracker doesn’t lie.”

Coaches, players, fans, broadcasters and more now have access to advanced analytics, player performance metrics and live data, all in real-time.

ShotTracker captures all actions from ball possession, location of basket, shots, make or miss, and even has a box score. Teams maximize lineups, improve shooting percentages, optimize assist ratios, improve both individual and team rebounding, and win the all-important turnover margin by using the tech. By looking at the app courtside on a phone or tablet, teams are uncovering ways to adjust and win plays and games in real-time.

Playbook decisions made at BYU men’s basketball program by Head Coach, Mark Pope, are created, tweaked and finalized with consideration of ShotTracker data and analytics as to what players will shoot their designed shots, and from where at on the floor. Coaches love the real-time shot charts, player spacing visuals and ball movement metrics. By deep diving into comparisons of offense and defensive trends, teams are finding the competitive edge with ShotTracker needed to improve team and individual play, eliminate game and practice mistakes, and win games.

ShotTracker co-founders, Davyeon Ross and Bruce Ianni, are hoops and technology experts. Their smart system captures, calculates and distributes 70+ unique and completely autonomous basketball stats and resulting insights to teams, broadcasters and game partners.

Sensors installed in the rafters map the court in 3D, simultaneously tracking the sensor-enabled ball and the sensors that the players are wearing on their shoes. 

The company has patented technology that tracks data in three parts: a ShotTracker-enabled ball, sensors on players’ jerseys, and court sensors that map the court in 3D. The anchors, installed in the rafters of a facility, map each court in 3D simultaneously tracking the sensor-enabled ball and the sensors that the players are wearing.

Data is processed through the company’s proprietary algorithm at 120 calculations per second then displayed on the ShotTracker app and dashboard. Plans are to further integrate with Evertz cloud based live production solutions. The real time data allows for automated camera productions at remote locations that is available license by media and sports data companies.

The founders aim to use the new capital to increase hiring, expand key partnerships, and upgrade sensor capabilities, data capture abilities and statistical results, relied upon by cutting edge players, coaches, fans and broadcasters, alike.

Izzo, added, “I tell kids all the time, that the hardest thing to do, as a person or an athlete is to self-evaluate. Statistics give you the real numbers. ShotTracker’s honest. That would be the big word I would use, you know.”

All data is fed through proprietary algorithms (ShotTracker system) at 120 calculations per second. 

All Division I men’s and women’s basketball program know about ShotTracker thanks in part to their Learfield IMG College relationship and partner schools. Advanced data and analytics are perfectly layered onto the video, scoreboard and broadcast integration. Media companies and broadcast customers currently enjoy how the metrics are used for experiential activations and crossover content opportunities distributed via digital and social platforms. Now with added funding, resulting stories promise to further entertain, inform and excite viewers and partners through new and expanded features.


Evertz is a global leader provider of professional video/audio infrastructure and cloud-based solutions to content creators. ShotTracker’s robust real time analytics, allows content owners to generate custom content created for each audience over multiple platforms. The automated camera operations, advanced statistics, and cloud services, enable seasoned and rookie producers to augment live production through the use of powerful stories designed to enrich each audience members experiences while in-venue and/or watching the broadcast, while at the same time utilizing tailored content to create new revenue streams.

Evertz Technologies Limited designs, manufactures and markets video and audio infrastructure solutions for the television, telecommunications and new-media industries. Evertz provides complete end-to-end cloud solutions to content creators, broadcasters, specialty channels and television service providers to support their increasingly complex multi-channel digital, ultrahigh definition (UHD) and next generation high bandwidth low-latency IP network environments. Evertz’ solutions enable its customers to generate additional revenue while reducing costs through the more efficient signal routing, distribution, remote production, monitoring and management of content as well as the automation and orchestration of more streamlined and agile workflow processes on-premise and in the “Cloud”.

“Combining ShotTracker sensor data and our DreamCatcherTM suite of products will enrich live productions — on-premise and cloud-based — for broadcasters, leagues, teams, and fans,” said Vince Silvestri, Evertz VP of Software Systems. “We are excited to be working with the ShotTracker team to bring enhanced and personalized game experiences to fans everywhere.”


Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ) was launched June 30, 2000 and celebrates its 20th year as one of the world’s leading providers of technology, communications, information and entertainment products and services. Headquartered in New York City and with a brand known around the world, Verizon generated revenues of $131.9 billion in 2019. The company offers data, video and voice services and solutions on its award winning networks and platforms, delivering on customers’ demand for mobility, reliable network connectivity, security and control.

“As real-time data tracking and analytics become critical components for coaches and players, instantaneous and interactive delivery powered by 5G is critical,” said Michelle McCarthy, Verizon Ventures Managing Director. “ShotTracker’s real-time sports data will transform fan experiences, athletic performance, sports broadcast and more. We’re proud to invest in a team of industry veterans as they pave the way for data capture in game play to improve all areas of the sport.”

Get in touch directly and together we will come up with a fully customized and affordable solution ([email protected]).

 ShotTracker captures everything from who has possession of the ball, what hoop they shot on and whether or not the ball went in or missed to who got the rebound or the assist.

Sports Techie, again, a ShotTracker-enabled ball is required. The selection includes Spalding, Wilson and Under Armour, with basketballs by Adidas, Molten and Baden, coming soon. The player tag is smaller (and lighter) than an empty box of Tic Tac mint with specs of 1.60 x 1.15 x 0.57 inches.

There is a solution for all levels of the game, high school to professionals. Pricing depends of various factors like the type of facilities, amount of teams using that facility (men’s, women’s, varsity, JV, etc) and number of baskets. Installation takes 3-7 days.

In-house basketball and analytics experts at ShotTracker are always on call to help you take full advantage of the sports tech.

Each team is assigned a personal ShotTracker expert on the system for configuration needs, operation questions and troubleshooting. These in-house basketball and analytics connoisseur are available to call as needed.

As Bill Self, Head Coach of the University of Kansas men’s basketball team said, “Technology is obviously very important in maximizing your team’s abilities on the court. Being able to give out accurate information to your players to help coach them better is something that I believe is a must for any coach trying to maximize his team’s abilities.”

Do yourself a favor and ask coach if he or she knows about ShotTracker and if not, and even if so, let them know about the $11m in funds raised to enhance the system.

They will thank you, believe me.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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