Seat Club Startup Offers Members Only No Extra Fees Secondary Ticket Inventory

Serial Entrepreneur Cole Rubin Launches “Seat Club,” The First and Only Subscription-Based Ticketing Platform Where Members Buy Tickets With No Fees Or Markups

Members experience significant savings compared to competitors for the same tickets, with access to every event

TickPick has new industry competition with a twist in ticketing startup, Seat Club , owned by Cole Rubin. He is a respected businessman and sports industry disruptor who just launched the first, subscription-based ticketing platform from Boca Raton, Florida allowing members only to purchase tickets to live events at the lowest price without added fees and markups. TickPick pioneered the no extra fee ticketing space after launching in 2011 reselling secondary tickets to fans without markups, while the likes of Ticketmaster, Stubhub, Seatgeek, Vivid Seats, and others, charge consumers additional ticket fees that can be substantial add-on costs, see the above image. The Sports Techie community blog supports fee-less secondary ticket sales and the advanced technology that enables this terrific service. What does becoming a member of Seat Club get you?

Seat Club Members

Seat Club’s $99/year membership includes:

-Access to the same ticket inventory as the top secondary sites

– No fees or markups, members buy tickets AT OUR COST

– There is no cap of the number of tickets that can be purchased. Subscribers are entitled to unlimited ticket purchases annually.

– Fan Protect Guarantee on tickets purchased (24/7 support staff)

While the initial offering for Seat Club is focused on an easy and efficient user experience for live-event tickets, additional industry changing features will be available in the coming year for members. Seat Club’s core focus is giving members the best and most transparent, cost-effective process when purchasing tickets to live events.

“The biggest complaint consumers have in the event space are the fees and markups. Fees and markups make the ticket buying process frustrating and more expensive than necessary, so we built Seat Club as the pathway to solve these problems,” Rubin said. “We have spent a great deal of time talking to fans and event producers, and can now deliver this unique value proposition, where our members know they are getting the best pricing, and will save countless hours comparing ticket prices online. The price you see listed on our platform is the price you pay, with no fees added on later in the checkout process. There are no hidden markups, unlike other platforms who claim they don’t charge fees, but bake profits into the listed cost of tickets. Seat Club’s pricing may be as much as 35% less than competitors for the same exact tickets, which is significant, especially on high profile events. We believe in transparency, and our sole source of revenue comes from our membership fee.”

Serial Entrepreneur

Rubin is a twenty-year business veteran, with multiple successful private equity exits, and a well-respected leader in the consumer technology and ticket event space. He was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dynasty Sports & Entertainment, dedicated to helping content holders automate the ingestion, pricing, distribution, and fulfillment of tickets to live events. Under Rubin’s direction, Dynasty grew into one of the largest inventory and technology providers to both primary and secondary market ticketing companies and exchanges, and was responsible for automating the distribution of multiple billions of dollars in ticketing content annually. Rubin exited the business in 2020.

Sports Techie, Seat Club’s sole revenue is the membership fee of $99 per year that comes out to $8.25 a month. Is this new business model sustainable both short-term and long-term?

Why not.

Paying an average of $8.50 per month for access to lowest priced tickets is less than sport fans will pay for transportation to the venue, parking costs, concession prices, and severally marked up team merchandise. The cost of some streaming video services to watch live sports are also about the same or more than Seat Club’s cost for members.

I know about TickPick because I’ve used it many times to purchase tickets without extra fees. They make their profits by charging sellers a 10% fee to sell on their ticketing platform.

There is the rub. If you attend live sporting events on a regular basis, paying Seat Club’s membership fee of $99 makes financial sense because of the value buyers receive via ticket inventory access and the the lowest price tickets in the market because of the lack of added fees and markups. If you only attend live sports games and matches once in a while, paying the membership fee can still save you money when buying expensive courtside or lower level tickets. And, you can save over and over again, there are no buying limits.

Best of luck to Rubin and Seat Club.

May your members see the way to lower cost tickets.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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