Samsung LED Scoreboard Generates Schools’ Athletic Directors Revenue

I recently contributed to a new Samsung Business USA Insights blog titled, ‘Creating new revenue streams with LED video scoreboards,’ and digital signage. Please click on the above link so I get credit. The Sports Techie community blog must know how humbling it is to be invited to contribute to this Fortune Global 500 company because I was considered a global sports tech expert, as well as a business and sustainability-driven LED technology influencer. The goal of the piece was to generate awareness with American Athletic Directors about the advantages of purchasing a high-definition LED scoreboard as a means to increase revenues as these state-of-the-art high school football scoreboards have come down in price. Up to collegiate athletic programs can now afford to install a LED scoreboard display useful on many important promotional and financial fronts like showcasing statistics, compelling video content and money-generating adverts. Game-day will never the same!

Marshfield High School athletics in Wisconsin upgraded to a Samsung outdoor, 20ft x 38ft with a 16mm pixel pitch video board and the community loves it.

A LED immersive experience not only showcases scores, stats, and player or team highlights, the video board element also creates a unique community digital presence for parents and fans as well as local businesses that advertise, allowing all patrons the ability enjoy the digitally enhanced live show and accompanying ads. It doesn’t end there for schools as a gymnasium display for basketball games and other indoor sport offers the same kind of upgrade effect while assisting with putting more ticket buying people in the seats, whether for an outdoor venue or inside a facility.

“A high-definition LED scoreboard from Samsung helps high school and college athletic programs revamp the sports experience for athletes and fans. With their ability to create additional revenue streams and build school spirit, video scoreboards provide a large ROI,” via Samsung Business USA YouTube channel.

Mid-to-small sized cities and towns use this product to change the look and feel of a stadium or field, students and citizens drive by all the time to see what’s happening at the school. Adding this component to a campus is it not all about sporting events either. School curriculums, assemblies, plays, and PTA fund raising efforts, are just a few of the many school-related activities an LED scoreboard can highlight much like at a pro game or match. These platforms have no limitations compared to fixed digital scoreboards.

The community pride associated with school spirit is on full-display via LED video scoreboards, now costing a fraction of what they cost just a few years ago. According to Brett Unzicker, Vice President of Sales for Samsung Electronics America’s B2B Display Division, and the Insights article publisher, LED scoreboards used to come with an upfront cost of around $160,000, way out of budget for many small colleges and most high schools. Unziker says, “LED scoreboards are (now) a fraction of the cost: around $60,000 to $70,000.” The value of having a professional sport stadium type LED scoreboard investment has become much more affordable and comes with added technologies compared to a $40,000 fixed digit board.

To help offset the initial costs, athletic departments, board of directors, alumni, or local businesses, can be asked to donate, or become a scoreboard advertiser or sponsor. Ask a school-friendly business to be the presenting sponsor of the, ‘Instant Replay brought to you by’ a local bank, hospital or restaurant.

Other proprietary Samsung technologies I researched include their QLED 8K UHD screens and displays developed with AI-powered options to make The Wall, with microLED technology and HDR picture refinement technology, something to consider as AD’s explore how to expand the reach of displays around the stadium, arena and training facilities, facades and hallways. FPP LED displays are useful to quick change messaging for the purpose of branding, promoting any event, and displaying loyal sponsor support across high traffic, public concourses.

Perhaps my favorite use of LED scoreboard displays is for viewing parties or hosting events. These types of LED screens can be used to livestream both home and away games to fans that can’t travel or enter a sold-out rivalry or playoff game. The Milwaukee Bucks had 65,000 fans outside Fiserv Forum during game six of the 2021 NBA Finals. That fan model can be emulated by high schools and universities during the biggest football, basketball, volleyball or baseball games, using an LED scoreboard or display video capabilities. Sponsors and advertisers will line up to be a party to this fun!

Georgia’s Dekalb High School and their marketing students developed advertising packages presented to local businesses generating $85,000 in revenue. 

Sports Techie, part of this story is Prismview, a Samsung electronics company. Together, they have an impressive list of LED Scoreboard installs across the NFL, NBA, MLS, and baseball venues, along with many universities, colleges and high schools. My son and I attended the recent Viewing Party at State Farm Arena here in Atlanta between the NBA Champions Bucks, and the Hawks, where Samsung installed a video board in 2018. Talk about an engaging time!

The bottom line is this – I have been around the sports tech block, and have hard-earned the right to contribute with Panasonic, and now Samsung. The time has never been better to consider a LED scoreboard.

You and the school, along with teams, players and students, sponsors and partners, the latter looking to advertise, cannot find a better fit that this novel sports technology product.

Expensive cost used to the objection, not anymore.

Buck up and enjoy the revenue, exposure and fun!

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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