Rithmm Is The Future Of Sports Betting Using AI And Personalized Predictive Analytics

Rithmm is the simple, personalized and customizable artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytical modeling that evens the playing field for gamblers wanting to consistently make smarter, predictive sports betting decisions. The Boston-based startup enters the booming sports technology industry with an intuitive app that allows for custom models powered by AI taking into consideration a bettors honed or beginners instincts. Risk takers of all levels can benefit from their AI-driven model as it provides analysis and prediction of every game in seconds while showing recommended picks and predicted win probability, as well as offering a competitive edge on the market. The innovative company is led by Rithmm, Inc. CEO, Megan Lanham. Today, they announced their raise of $2 million in a seed funding round invested in by Boston Seed Capital, Counterview Capital, Oyster Ventures, Correlation Ventures, Service Provider Capital, and Permit Ventures. The new capital enables a calculated and aggressive spend strategy focused on growing the business, adding head count, enhancing the platform’s features, and the exciting launch of a first NFL product. The Sports Techie community blog welcomes sports betting properties like Rithmm existing to benefit sports bettors around the globe. Rithmm has made commitments to revolutionize the sports betting industry and enhance the user experience by leveraging cutting-edge AI algorithms and machine learning backed models, expanding coverage across various sports leagues, and delivering innovative features to its growing user base.

“We are thrilled to announce the successful closure of our $2 million seed funding round. We secured VC investment despite an uncertain economic climate, underscoring the unwavering confidence in our mission and the tremendous potential of our platform,” said Lanham. She added, “This timely infusion of capital will play a pivotal role in propelling our technology forward, enabling us to broaden our reach with the eagerly awaited NFL product, and providing our users with an unparalleled sports betting experience.”


Rithmm’s proprietary, cutting-edge sports betting platform leverages the power of advanced analytics and an intuitive user interface, designed to assist sports bettors quickly construct custom analytical models and activate smarter decisions via more informed betting data. Their platform helps to ease the complexity and barriers traditional sports betting analytics can provide, creating value to users of all skill levels.

How is Rithmm different from competitors? A lot of sites just tell you what to bet and they don’t take into consideration your knowledge, experience, or hunches, but Rithmm does. They incorporate personal user insight into their modeling and no one else is doing that at the level Rithmm does. Rithmm enables users to do something incredibly complex (building a model) and use it to analyze upcoming games and the bets they should make, but doesn’t require them to have the skill set to do it (a no code modeling service).


Rithmm’s unique platform starts with building customized analytical models backed by AI. Then users can tailor betting strategies to their own instincts and preferences. The custom models ultimately construct a comprehensive analysis for every game resulting in recommended picks, predicted outcomes, win probabilities, and expected values. The platform’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it accessible to sports enthusiasts of all levels, empowering them to compete like professional sports bettors.

“We believe that Rithmm is poised to disrupt the industry by providing users with advanced analytics and insights previously reserved for professional sports bettors,” said Peter Blacklow, Managing Director at Boston Seed Capital. “Their AI-driven platform has the potential to level the playing field and transform the way sports bettors approach strategy. We are thrilled to support Rithmm in their mission to redefine the sports betting experience.”

This well-timed funding is earmarked to aid Rithmm’s growth and expansion efforts. A significant portion of the capital will be allocated to the launch of the highly anticipated NFL product, further diversifying Rithmm’s sports coverage and catering to the interests of football fans. Rithmm is launching an NFL product to complement its products in the NBA, WNBA, NCAA Basketball, and NCAA Football. Additionally, the investment will support research and development initiatives, talent acquisition, and marketing efforts to reach a broader audience.

Learn more about Rithmm and its AI-driven sports betting platform by visiting www.rithmm.com and following on TwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram.

Sports Techie, each Rithmm powered game provides the predicted:

Pick, Score, Win Probability, Edge (EV).

That will come in handy on August 3, 2023, when the NY Jets with new quarterback Aaron Rogers leading the way, play the Cleveland Browns in the NFL Hall of Fame Game.

It is about time to get your Rithmm sports betting going.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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