PlayyOn Sports Tech Platform For CIAAA Members

PlayyOn is named as the “Official Sports Technology Partner” for the CIAAA

PlayyOn Inc. and the Canadian Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (CIAAA) formed a new business partnership through technologies that promote educational athletics via the professional development of athletic administrators. PlayyOn was named the “Official Sports Technology Partner” for the CIAAA. The two organization’s new strategic partnership delivers technological tools and sport management resources to the leaders of school sports across Canada with a focus on character and leadership. The CEO of PlayyOn, Sally Ann Reiss, shared this news from Palo Alto with the Sports Techie community blog over our LinkedIn connection. This arrangement helps the CIAAA meet their goal to support schools in building positive athletic environments that enhance the learning experience for all students with an online platform designed to manage amateur sports and recreation. Never has online management functionality been more important than today with the announcement of the COVID-19 Omicron variant spreading quickly worldwide. PlayyOn is an online ecosystem for grassroots sports and recreation ready to make it safer and more efficient to better manage many kinds of administrative tasks.

PlayyOn Sports Tech

PlayyOn’s web-based solutions are already providing millions of organized events and programs all over the world with a way to better administer amateur sporting activities. They provide a full suite of technology tools for managing sports programs.

“Honored to be working with the great Athletic Administrators in Canada as PlayyOn Partners with the Canadian Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association,” said Reiss.


The CIAAA champions Athletic Administrators as the professional leaders of school sport across Canada. They now have PlayyOn’s proven sports tech to integrate into the CIAAA’s comprehensive suite of resources to help school Athletic Administrators across the country.

“The CIAAA is proud to announce its partnership with PlayyOn as the Official Sports Technology Partner of the CIAAA.  We are excited to partner with PlayyOn and are looking forward to supporting our Athletic Directors,” said Shannon Klassen, Executive Director of the CIAAA.

The deal includes a free-to-use platform to collect online registrations, publish schedules and centralize communications.  The proprietary software aims to support management needs of administrators and coaches at the local, provincial/state, and national levels. 

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the CIAAA,” said Jim Parent, Executive Vice President at PlayyOn. “With this partnership, we are able to provide our full suite of technology tools to leaders of school sport in support of streamlining their operations and reducing the administrative burden of running great programs. We firmly believe this partnership can help leaders eliminate obstacles to sports enrollment and positively impact the experience for student athletes, parents, and coaches across the country.”

CIAAA members can now register team participants; share schedules; accept registration fees online; communicate with student athletes, parents, and fans easily and timely regarding schedule changes, display/share media; promote sales of team/program merchandise, incorporating flexible payment plans, and more.

The CIAAA front office understands that Athletic Administrators are managing multiple teams, coaches, and students. This partnership and technology allows an Athletic Administrator to receive a free PlayyOn Plus subscription enabling streamlining of processes and the ability to create a more efficient and fulfilling online experience in the wake of enhanced COVID safety protocols.

Sports Techie, the partnership goal being met is to support schools with building positive athletic environments while enhancing the learning experience for all level of students.

Administration security is another critical factor when using any form of software over the web. Hosting in the cloud requires top levels of encryption to ensure personal and financial data are safe when using digital devices like smartphones and tablets to transfer information, pay a fee or register a minor. No one want to get hacked.

Playyon and the CIAAA are just the budding partnership to make these wide assortment of athletic administration sports management needs be the safest and easiest experience it can be for member leadership, student athletes and parents.

When in close quarters, please wear a mask, stay a safe distance away from others and for sure, be fully vaccinated.

Playyon sports technology eliminates these important in-person COVID steps for online CIAAA membership and offers so much more.

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