Norwich City FC and BSports partner to offer Match Analysis to Canary fans

NCFC fans, see clearer, forecast the game, with BSports Match Analysis
NCFC fans, see clearer, forecast the game, with BSports Match Analysis

The Barclays Premier League team Norwich City FC and Bloomberg Sports agreed today to an analytics deal enabling their fans to use the proprietary Match Analysis football app which was launched in September. Norwich Club supporters can download this special offer with a 15% discount on the Match Analysis subscription price. Bravo to the Premier League, Norwich City and BSports for pushing sports technology to a new level.

 “We are very pleased to work with Norwich City as our first club partner,” said Bill Squadron, head of Bloomberg Sports. “The technology we have created will help increase the interest and the engagement of the club supporters around key points in every match, and for those interested in betting, will give them additional information to help them make the best choices possible.”

BSports was selected by The Sports Business Journal as a Finalist for “Best In Sports Technology” in 2012
BSports was selected by The Sports Business Journal as a Finalist for “Best In Sports Technology” in 2012

Our Sports Techie Q & A with Bill is further down this blog.

Match Analysis

According to the BSports press release – Match Analysis delivers advanced statistics, data visualizations such as graphs and charts, and predictive analysis for the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1. Built from in-depth analysis of current and historical data, the Match Analysis models project the probabilities for the match result, the exact final and half-time scores, and the total goals, breaking down each of the key game factors as well as a host of original information designed to enhance the global football fan’s enjoyment and interest.

An important target market will be gamblers and those who wager on exact scores, total goal, and so forth, using legal services such as Bet Butler. Canaries that hunger for more critical game data can get it with Match Analysis software.

Bloomberg Sports, Norwich City FC Signs Analytics Deal To Benefit Norwich Fans
Bloomberg Sports, Norwich City FC Signs Analytics Deal To Benefit Norwich Fans

“We are delighted to enter into this new partnership with Bloomberg Sports. The match analysis that this product provides is excellent in allowing supporters to really drive down and understand everything about their team and future outcomes,” said Norwich City Head of Sales and Marketing Will Hoy. “We are very excited to join with them in this partnership which we believe our supporters will find very fun and engaging.”

Match Analysis users get exclusive analytic content, receive promotion across multiple media and social platforms for NCFC and BSports, as well as through scoreboard and in-match announcements at Carrow Row stadium. Fans can also interact with match information on a second screen to augment their live game experiences.

Sports Techie Q & A with Bill Squadron (answers in bold):

1. Did the Premier League need to approve this deal? If so, can you explain the process?


2. What did Front Row Marketing Services do to lead this partnership?

– They are the official marketing agent for the club, they helped structure the deal.

3. Were NCFC IT Executives part of the deal making process?

– No.

4. Where can NCFC fans download the app?

It will be on their site on their mobile app and at –

Sportsbiz Analysis

It is interesting to note that the Barclays Premier League allows each team the ability to contract with Solutions that are not implemented league-wide. Using a third-party marketing consultant to structure a technology deal is a common tech business practice. What is odd to me though is not including NCFC IT Executives in the deal making process. These people are the front line of tech and can lend their expertise to any potential partnership parameters. Look for Match Analysis on the NCFC mobile app and at the BSports web site where City fans can sign up to a monthly or season subscription at when using promotional code NCFC2013.

BSports continues to grow their pioneering core of Match Analysis base users with a new product champion in Norwich City FC.  With the support of Front Row Marketing Services, a Comcast Spector subsidiary who consulted for the NCFC, Premier League fans of Norwich City FC can now purchase Match Analysis at a special discount offering via the link above.

Most serious betters will make perusing customized Match Analysis data a daily part of their thought process before laying down any NCFC bets. Non-gambling fans can use it to learn about statistics and enjoy the predictive breakdowns of key moments in a game. Either way, NCFC fans win by having this option unlike any other Barclays Premier League team.

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Match Fixing

FIFA is under immense pressure right now with match fixing. I am not exactly sure how Match Analysis factors into this but it certainly won’t work 100% effectively as a betting tool as long as there is in-game corruption by dirty players and officials. Until match fixing is eliminated, any football game statistics have to be questioned as to whether they were created via honest play. Match Analysis works best when the game is played by gentlemen, not immoral humans, because stats don’t lie.

Sports Techie, Our big thanks goes to Bloomberg Sports for this opportunity to blog about Norwich City FC becoming the first Barclays Premier League to offer Match Analysis. Once again, I enjoyed our Q & A with Bill and thank him for that.

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If you use Match Analysis, win or lose, please share about the sports technology experience below. Proud to say I am a new Canaries fan for life and I hope you will be too.

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