NHK future broadcasting technology

Sports Tech Broadcast

A Diving Simulcam Image

Japan’s Public Broadcaster NHK previews future broadcasting technology in this video from networkworld on youtube.

The new Twins Cam allows for different perspectives and never-before-seen views from swimming pools. Two cams above water and one below that are synced together is a super concept. Hope to see this incredible sports technology advancement for swim sports by the London Olympics in 2112.

Electrical Broadcasting Car
A small Mitsubishi i MiEV modeled electric car broadcasts up to four video feeds and sends a live transmission to the station. It uses a battery to power the system for a couple hours. The small size of this rig and green focus makes this a real winner for earth conscious small to medium-sized business owners.

SkyMap is similiar to Google Maps with video and GPS data integrated together with direction and zoom which is then mixed together with a virtual cam on a 3D mapping system. The new overlay can be used for Live broadcasts. I can see this SkyMap as an excellent tool for use in Live sports broadcasts such as America’s Cup.

-These three new broadcast Technologies via NHK are cutting-edge for sure!

Keep up the good work NHK and I’ll see ya when I see ya, Sports Techie.

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