New numberFire March Madness Helper Promo Code

numberFire March Madness Promo Code

numberFire March Madness Promotion 2019

College basketball is peaking right now with Conference Championship week beginning today like the ACC Tournament up in New York. Which is then followed by the mighty March Madness tournament itself, nationwide. Sports tech is a large part of March Madness and nowhere is it more important than at numberFire, the next generation sports analytics platform.  As a numberFire affiliate, the Sports Techie community blog has March Madness fever at the perfect time to get back into the game. Look for additional information about bracket generator, game breakdowns, team profiles, and more numberFire NCAAB tools to assist with filling out your brackets as you prepare to do the impossible, pick a perfect bracket or at least win some of your entries. The Promo Code special offer below is both an amazing savings and winnings for you at the same time.

numberFire March Madness Tools

Brand New numberFire March Madness Helper

NumberFire watched every game and ran through all the numbers, and now they’re ready to help you dominate your NCAA bracket and come up with some extra money using Sport Analytics, Game Projections and March Madness Tools.

Premium Discount Promo Code

Our followers and readers can use the special offer promo code CHAMPION to get the regular first month of premium for $9.99 rather than the normal $49.99 cost.

Use the Premium link right below and enter the word CHAMPION.

March Madness premium pricing page–

What You Get With Premium During March Madness

  • Custom Bracket Optimizer – Mix your hunches with algorithmic picks to build the perfect bracket.
  • Team Comparison Tool  – Deciding between two teams? Make it easy, after looking over advanced stats.
  • Rankings/Stage Odds – Want to know how far a team will go? Look here.
  • Game Picks – Straight to the point: who wins, and by how much, backed by the best science in the business.
  • Bracketology – The best information and projections for this year’s tournament available.
  • Premium Content – Every day, tons of new articles, analysis, player news, and insight. You can’t win if you don’t know.

March Madness 2019 Offerings

  • Premium Tool: Bracket Generator. Input your picks (as many or as few as you want), and the type of pool you’re in and we’ll have our algorithms fill in the rest of your bracket.
  • Premium Tool: “Team Compare tool/Game Simulator”. Compare any 2 teams in the NCAA tournament using our proprietary efficiency ratings derivative to drill into offensive and defensive efficiency.
  • Premium Projections: Game projections for every game and every round. This gives our algorithm’s pick for every spread, money line and over/under a bettor can gamble on.
  • Premium Power Rankings: Power Rankings and Analytics  
  • Free Content: Data-Driven Articles. Will provide insight into regions, teams, players, matchups, likely outcomes, etc. Roughly 20% of our articles will be Premium Content.
  • Free Content: Team Pages. For every team: Historically similar teams, efficiency ratings, articles, questions users ask about a team, etc.
  • Free Content: numberFire Live Live analytics platform for March Madness. Get traditional box score statistics, and advanced analytics around every player and team for every game on any device. Follow live win probabilities.

Sports Techie, daily fantasy sports are super fun and can be profitable if you can afford to lose.

What makes them so good at what they do? They use data that exists all around sports and mine it revealing insight that allows improved player and team performance predictions compared to all competitors

Step one of their proprietary is a deep dive look at stats. By the use of a series of mathematical models, numberFire breaks down complicated data to produce more accurate understanding of top performing players and teams as well as who to avoid.

The next step of the process involves using the power of predictive and regressive modeling to more accurately project future performance. Using advanced metrics combined with state-of-the-art predictive algorithms, they leverage the power of science to come up with the most accurate, data-driven projections on the planet.

They have 500,000 registered users around the world and those that used numberFire fantasy projections instead of platform defaults, had a 30% higher chance of winning their league.

Because numberFire’s about doing all the number crunching, we get to win for under $10 bucks.

NumberFire also offers insightful PGA and MLB DFS content and tools.

Now go bust out that perfect March Madness bracket no one has ever predicted before and thank numberFire Premium for their expert help.

Sports Techie Special Offer:

March Madness Premium for $9.99 using Promo Code CHAMPION

As I always say, go Spartans!

See ya later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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