NBRPA Adds Bexa High-Tech Breast Cancer Exams To Health Screening Program At NCAA Women’s Final Four


First-Ever Event to Focus on Women’s Health and Include Bexa’s High-Tech Breast Cancer Examinations for WNBA Legends

National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA) female Legends will be offered high-tech, Bexa breast cancer examinations at the NCAA Women’s Final Four in Dallas, Texas hosted by the the Big 12 Conference and Dallas Sports Commission. Today’s announcement about the NBRPA’s women’s health initiative involves the Health Screening Program implementation for the first time ever at the upcoming women’s college basketball tournament set for March 30 – April 2 at Americas Airlines Center. The Sports Techie community blog curator’s father has advanced lung cancer so this story is dear to me and to the billions of women and girls worldwide, and their families, friends and colleagues, facing a breast cancer diagnosis. At this 2023 March Madness event, traditional screening procedures will be in place combined with the launch of innovative, technology-centered procedures powered by Bexa conducted for WNBA Legends taking part in the ground-breaking program. Breast exams using Bexa technologies are designed to be a convenient, early detection option for women of all ages as a form of protection against this often-treatable disease when caught in time. The NBRPA is dedicated to expanding health and wellness choices for their members including the ability to decide what early detection opportunity is best for them.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to grow our Health Screening Program and to be able to increase our focus on health issues affecting women.” said Scott Rochelle, President & CEO, NBRPA.  “With the world of women’s basketball front and center in Dallas, this presents an incredible occasion to bring this impactful program to where so many of our members will be.”

NBRPA Health Screening Program

This critically acclaimed program falls under the supervision of NBRPA Chief Medical Director, Joe Rogowski. The primary focus is on women’s health, delivered thorough, cost-effective, healthcare to its membership while simultaneously addressing major and minor medical issues the NBRPA members at-large are experiencing during different times of their lives. A key driving force is the need to continue the education of their constituency by proactive means aimed to promote a healthier lifestyle.

The popular initiative was launched in conjunction with the NBPA in 2016. The Health Screening Program’s long-term goal is to deliver valuable, preventive healthcare check-ups to former professional players across the U.S. as part of a lifetime of preventative testing already benefitting hundreds of former, professional hoops players. Among the preventative procedures are blood work, electrocardiograms, echocardiograms, and cardiology consultations.

Just last year, the NBRPA announced it would oversee this medical program and hired Rogowski to head the progressive operation. Rogowski, who served as the NBPA’s Chief Medical Officer for the past decade, was named the NBRPA’s Chief Medical Director in November 2022.

Learn more at legendsofbasketball.com

To follow the NBRPA on social media at @NBAalumni on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch. 

Sports Techie, many people do not realize there are breast cancer pre-dispositions that can run in a families’ genes make early detection all the more critical to ensuring the best options for treatment and remission.

One medical outcome facing women with a breast cancer diagnosis is the removal of the entire breast known as a mastectomy.

Prayers are indeed helpful as well but when combined with infinitives like the NBRPA’s Health Screening Program and technology provided by Bexa, the odds for survival are dramatically improved.

The American Cancer Society is a wonderful resource for non-NBRPA members to use as needed.

Here is the SportsTechie virtual shoutout all the ladies and girls out there around the globe playing basketball either in the past, currently, or in the future, like my Mom who played for the Ecuadorian Women’s National Basketball Team coached by my Dad.

Know that there is help out there for early cancer detection.

As a side note, there is still time to apply for the Legends HBCU 2023-2024 Scholarship at the NBRPA web site. Current undergraduates attending HBCUs can apply until 11:59pm CST on Wednesday, March 22, 2023.

Enjoy the NCAA Women’s Final Four if you are in Dallas, watching on a TV or a streaming viewer.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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