NASCAR Speed Hub Launches With Roblox Community

NASCAR Launches Immersive Gaming Experience ‘NASCAR Speed Hub’ on Roblox

The new experience brings together the Roblox community around NASCAR’s past, present and future

The new ‘NASCAR Speed Hub’ launched today on Roblox allowing drivers to start their virtual engines with customize cars. The inaugural NASCAR official event runs from March 10 to March 19, 2023. This immersive gaming experience for the merged online communities creates a metaverse platform connecting to popular experiences. Players can design cars with 12 different skins. NASCAR gamers can also unlock exclusive virtual objects and take part in mini games. This digital form of NASCAR on Roblox provides unique storytelling opportunities for each player. To build out the NASCAR Roblox experience, they partnered with the Dubit global studio, known globally for developing branded metaverse games, experiences, and events. NASCAR simultaneously announced a budding partnership with Jailbreak to add their popular collaboration as the developers of Badimo. The Sports Techie community blog curator lives with the 5-year-old brother of my 9-year-old son and the former loves to play Roblox when he is allowed to. We watched the exciting promotional video together on NASCAR’s YouTube channel posted below and he was instantly pumped up to play immediately. Credit goes to NASCAR for delivering a metaverse-based game with Roblox that transcends the younger, digital generations to help grow the sport of stock racing, develop lifetime fans, and be in a fast-growing space that uses technology, gaming, and community to foster a virtual connection to the brand and other players. Creators will also be a key component of the NASCAR Speed Hub future that will eventually include additional user generated and official content. 

By The NASCAR Official Roblox Group – The NASCAR Official Roblox

“This is the next step in expanding NASCAR’s presence in the metaverse and engaging with the community in unique and creative ways,” said Nick Rend, NASCAR managing director of gaming & esports. “At NASCAR we want to encourage the emerging generation of digital natives to manifest their passion for NASCAR racing their own way. NASCAR Speed Hub on Roblox is an exciting new space that lets players create and evolve their NASCAR story on their terms.”

‘NASCAR Speed Hub’ today makes its virtual debut on Roblox

NASCAR Speed Hub

The core concept behind NASCAR Speed Hub was to generate an immersive 3D experience complimented by social experiences. At the heart of the hub is a time trial that allows players to collect currency and upgrade their car.

Players of all levels of ability can unlock virtual items, customize cars, and learn about NASCAR Racing in a fun, creative, and playful environment on the Roblox platform that’s connecting millions of people through shared experiences. 

Upgrades are a critical component to competing for bragging rights on the global leaderboard. The ‘Quest for Diamonds’ is a mini game that sees NASCAR’s 75th Anniversary diamonds spread throughout partner games which are accessed through the hub.

An incentive for Jailbreak players who complete a time trial in NASCAR Speed Hub, is the ability to earn a limited time NASCAR-themed 75th anniversary skin as part of a new vehicle launch. 

NASCAR Speed Hub is an immersive experience that lets players design cars, unlock exclusive virtual items, play mini games, and connect to other popular experiences on the platform


🏁 Welcome to the NASCAR SPEED HUB!  🏁

🚘 Customize your very own car with a collection of 12 unique skins!

🧢 Collect 75th Anniversary coins to upgrade your car and earn yourself a Limited Edition NASCAR UGC Cap 🧢

🔥 Help the community burn 7.5 million laps to unlock a Limited Edition NASCAR Bomber Jacket

🏆 Race to the Top of the NASCAR SPEED HUB Leaderboards and Beat the Obby Challenge!

🌀 After you finish your Time Trial, travel through the Jailbreak portal for a free NASCAR x Jailbreak limited-edition skin

Race Together To Unlock UGC
🧢 Collect 75th Anniversary coins to upgrade your car and earn yourself a Limited Edition NASCAR UGC Cap 🧢
🔥 Help the community burn 7.5 million laps to unlock a Limited Edition NASCAR Bomber Jacket


“We are thrilled to bring the excitement of NASCAR to the Roblox platform in a unique way, involving the phenomenal community of builders,” said Andrew Douthwaite, Dubit chief commercial officer. “Roblox has a vibrant platform of designers and players, and when it came time to launch a persistent space, it was important for NASCAR to also include creators.”

Dubit is a global studio that builds branded metaverse games, experiences, and events. Its team of over 140 professionals provides brands and agencies with the production, marketing and research services to develop, launch and promote successful experiences in the metaverse. Dubit has recently built games and concerts for clients such as H&M, Nickelodeon, UEFA, The Grammys, Samsung, and Hyundai. Dubit has also partnered with over 100 experiences across Roblox to provide brand integrations into already popular games. Brands can harness these established audiences, and Dubit’s portals and technology allows it to direct this traffic into a client’s branded game.

Dubit launched the Metaverse Gaming League, the first esports league in the metaverse. Streamed every week, the League links up client brands and partner games and gives away thousands of dollars in prizes.

Alex Balfanz, co-founder of Badimo, said. “Our fans loved the Jailbreak x NASCAR experience and the virtual items we previously launched are some of the most talked about in our community.” 


Badimo was created in 2017 by two longtime friends, Alex Balfanz in Florida and his partner Keanu in Arizona, with a passion for creating games they themselves wanted to play. Their biggest project, Jailbreak, was an instant success when it was launched six years ago. Jailbreak has been played more than 6 billion times by hundreds of millions of players around the world and has seen more than 100 major content updates over the years. For more information, you can follow Badimo on Twitter @Badimo.

“NASCAR’s passion for community building on the Roblox platform is remarkable,” said Alex Balfanz, co-founder of Badimo. “Our fans loved the Jailbreak x NASCAR experience and the virtual items we previously launched are some of the most talked about in our community.” 

Sports Techie, look for new Roblox experiences launching throughout the NASCAR season.

Celebrating its 75th Anniversary in 2023, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is the sanctioning body for the No. 1 form of motorsports in the United States. Facing fierce competition from Formula One (F1) has pushed the Daytona Beach, Florida base business to new levels of fan engagement.

One such program is the NASCAR And Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Year 2 Of STEM Based Online Learning Platform.

Another winner is the new NASCAR Production HQ Next To Research And Development Center scheduled to be ready for the 2024 season.

A real difference maker are the NASCAR Next Gen Chevy, Ford And Toyota Cars that are forging ahead with sports tech advancements.

For more information visit and, and follow NASCAR on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (‘NASCAR’).

The NASCAR Speed Hub is live on Roblox… #roblox #nascar

Someone go race and get the best lap or beat the OBBY!

I dedicate this blog to my nephew Rokk, he lives playing video games.

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