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Lenovo Smart Display is a Google Assistant smart speaker, home assistant and most important, sports information display. Smart speakers understand and communicate as a smart home control system and more. This is also an Entertainment hub that uses large, bright full-HD or HD display with wide-angle viewing. It is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and most smartphones. A new series of Smart Display YouTube videos was launched today by Lenovo and are way cute. When they use a family situation, close your eyes and picture fantasy football Sunday or Premier League odds with this device leading the way as soon as you awake.

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Lenovo – Smart Display with the Google Assistant |10-inch | white front | bamboo back


Google home, scheduling and handsfree video calling are just some of the ways to use this device that can stand upright or lay sideways. Lenovo design, display and performance, multimedia and connectivity are all inside the box allowing users to interface with Google Assistant on this Smart Display with answers loaded with images and videos, maps too if needed.

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Lenovo Smart Display Tour

When you need to turn up the lights up or down, automatically, or switch an electrical appliance on or off, remotely, or, the remote camera feed can used to assist with child care needs, knowing the whereabouts of pets and even security using the easy-to-use Smart Display and new plug & play smart gadgets.

Hey Google, what is the latest daily fantasy football info? Hey Google, what are the updated sports betting odds for the big game? It’s that simple to get started. What comes back is not just audio but video and more.

Lenovo Smart Display

Make your sports day easier—and your locker room smarter. Ask to see vintage Bill Walsh or modern day John Gruden content. Watch Stephen Curry shoot a basketball on a YouTube video. Perhaps MMA or eSports is your thing or want to be thing so ask about them. Call your fantasy sports buddies. Create a reminder for the upcoming fantasy draft. And for sure ask to know the weekly and daily weather reports before fantasy football games so you can make a more informed decision about who to start.

What’s black & white and super fuzzy?: Lenovo Smart Display #SeeingIsBetter”

Cute, eh! Can you ask to see NY Giants Saquon Barkley train? Yes, you can. Use it to help learn and master a new activity like kayaking, gaming or obstacle courses. Prep for your fantasy NBA draft. Google Assistant streamlines routines, tasks and lifestyles.

Just say “Hey Google” to get started. Lenovo Smart Display is your sports assistant available 24/7.

Smart Things

Smart refrigerators, smart washers and dryers, smart cars, of smart homes are all interconnected . The smart product future is fast approaching, simply using smartphones is not enough it seems.


There are two sizes: 8” for $199 and 10” for $249. You will need a gmail account to proceed.

Lenovo’s TrueBlock Privacy Shutter & microphone mute button are designed to help safeguard a user’s privacy.

The 8 ” display has 1280 x 800 resolution while the the 10″ display features 1920 x 1200. Learn sport via a step-by-step process and more on screen via the IPS touch screens with added visuals.

The Qualcomm® Home Hub Platform (base​ Snapdragon™ 624, Octa-Core A53 1.8 GHz, 14 nm)​ is the processor designed to deliver high-tech capabilities, enhanced performance and quality images.

In terms of connectivity, the larger display has WLAN:2 x 2 WiFi 802.11 ac, 2.4G/5G, MIMO, in addition to Bluetooth®:Bluetooth® BLE.

Audio features include 2″ 10W full range speaker with dual passive radiator​ and 2 microphones.

The front cam is 5 MP wide angle.

It has limited memory with 2 GB of Ram and up to to 4GB of storage (flash (eMMC) but has enough to work as needed.

Lenovo – Smart Display with the Google Assistant |10-inch | white front | bamboo back

Sports Techie, order in time for college football season which starts here in Atlanta with the Chic-fil-a Bowl between the University of Washington and Auburn on Saturday at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

In terms of sports betting, New Jersey, Delaware and Mississippi join Nevada as states that allow legal sports betting.  New York, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island have passed bills allowing for betting on sports games. Another 14 other states have introduced new bills. Meaning, if you are in NJ, DE, MS and NV it seems logical to get your odds using a Lenovo Smart Display

Be it fantasy sports, Madden 19 or Overwatch, or a horse race bet, all this visual content can be yours via this gamechanger.

Well done, Lenovo and Google Assistant!




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