Lenovo Presents: Tough Season – Fantasy Football Draft Preparation

Will Andrew Luck, Matt Forte and a cast of NFL players lead Brad’s Awesome Team to fantasy glory?
Or is team owner Brad Blevins headed for more humiliation? Watch Tough Season to find out.

Tough Season – Fantasy Draft Preparation – Ep. 1

Who will you draft during your 2013 NFL fantasy football draft?
Who will you draft during your 2013 NFL fantasy football draft?

Sports Techie, Happy Labor Day and NFL Fantasy Football draft week. Give the team over at The Onion a virtual high-five for this brilliant inside look video at Fantasy Draft Preparation.

Tough Season 2013 promises to be full of Big Data, sports technology and human errors which is what fantasy football is all about. Thank you for the Microsoft Windows 8 laptop with Intel technology I use and this funny video to Lenovo – Proud Sponsor of the National Football League. I also appreciate the Sports Techie global community.

In order to win, use your sports tech wisely, follow our blog and social media networks via the links below, and have fun.

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