Legends Lounge With Trill Withers Podcast By LME Launches During NBA Finals


Legends Lounge with Trill Withers podcast by Legends Media & Entertainment (LME) launched today featuring former NBA greats, Vernon Maxwell, Rex Chapman and Detlef Schrempf, players I used to watch hoop when they were in their respective playing prime. The NBA Finals continues tonight with the Milwaukee Bucks at the Phoenix Suns in game two of the series as some of the game’s best All-Star talent goes at it for a chance to win the NBA Championship for the first time. My Gen-C son is 8-years old and his brother is almost 4, but they know names like Giannis (Antetokounmpo), CP3 (Chris Paul) and our new favorite, Trae (Young), just like I knew the names, stats and skills of superstars Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar, known previously as Lew Alcindor), Dr. J (Julius Erving) and Magic (Ervin Johnson), when I was a young, want-to-be, NBA basketball player as both a kid and teenager. Vern, Rex and Det are the kind of one-name ballers Legends Studios plans to showcase as part of their expanding original content digital media library. The Sports Techie community blog is honored to share this sports technology story with our global followers and readers, especially the youth, millennials, fellow Gen Xers, and seniors like my Dad, once a young Detroit hooper that grew up idolizing the NBA logo, featured in the new 75th anniversary rendition, Jerry West. Today’s superstar’s are indeed, tomorrow’s legends.

NBA and WNBA Legends

July 8 is the launch date when Legends Lounge with Trill Withers tips off with their initial three episodes. Look for two-time NBA champion Vernon Maxwell, twelve-year NBA vet, social media influencer and host of the “Rex Chapman Show” podcast – Rex Chapman, and three-time NBA All-Star and two-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year – Detlef Schrempf to all take part on this inaugural day. I personally know Det just a bit and am currently connected with him on Facebook and LinkedIn. I watched and admire Detlef to this day, ever since his days in Seattle when the German national played for the SuperSonics, University of Washington men’s basketball team, and Centralia High School, leading the program to a state championship win that I watched live in 1981.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide a forum for our Legends and to see the continued success and growth of Legends Media & Entertainment and Legends Studios as a result of that access,” said Scott Rochelle, President and CEO, NBRPA.  “These stories and recollections, coupled with Trill’s enigmatic personality and reach are key reasons for our success and our Legends’ unfiltered and genuine stories will undoubtedly provide fans with some amazing entertainment.” 

Trill Withers (real name, Tyler Johnson) graduated from the University of Kentucky (same as Chapman) and like my family, lives here in the Atlanta area. Word is when he is not sending and responding to tweets, his other passions are live sporting events, traveling, and calculating his next round of planned and spontaneous tweets.

Legends Lounge with Trill Withers to Debut During the NBA Finals Bringing Fans Stories Directly From Some of the Game’s Biggest and Most Outspoken Legends

Legends Studio Portfolio

The Legends Live digital series and the Hoop du Jour with Peter Vecsey podcast and blog, are core programming for LME, joining Legends Lounge. Fans can look forward to a mix of original and mostly, unfiltered, storytelling by the likes of the NBA and WNBA’s most charismatic, influential and household named Legends, across generations.

LME began business in August, 2020 as a vehicle for the NBRPA to produce and distribute, compelling and insightful stories for fans across America and the world. Designed to be a novel story-telling platform, Legends Lounge is the perfect mix of timing, technology and quantification involving an assortment of NBA and WNBA stars, touching on the deep genre of basketball history.

NBRPA Social Media Handles

Look to popular social media channels to find Fans the Legends Lounge with Trill Withers podcast, in addition to more exclusive LME content, @NBAalumni and @NBALgndsLounge on Twitter, @NBAAlumni on Instagram, on Facebook at NBA Alumni or at legendsofbasketball.com.  The Legends Lounge with Trill Withers podcast is now available on Apple podcasts, Spotify or wherever listeners prefer to enjoy their podcasts by searching “Legends Lounge.”

Debut Episodes to Feature NBA Legends Vernon Maxwell, Rex Chapman and Detlef Schrempf

Sports Techie, LME’s Locker Room App launched in May this year during the Pandemic as an example of the NBPRA’s goal to incorporate sports tech as a key growth component. Legends Lounge with Trill Withers podcast is their most recent technology tool in place to reach fans while taking care of company stakeholders through tech-based investments that have the possibility of a decent and long-term, ROI.

I am also outspoken and still predict the Bucks win the 2021 NBA Championship in six games despite losing game one. Here is another one. Rex looks like a clone of ESPN SportsCenter host, Scott Van Pelt, doesn’t he!

Should Trill Withers want to know why I predicted the Bucks or why Magic is my favorite athlete in any sport, just send me a tweet after a Twitter handle follow-back, young bro.

Best wishes to all parties involved in this exciting Legends Lounge endeavor.

Hoop it up!

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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