Legends Locker Room App Launched By National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA)


The National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA) is busy with sport technology related projects, the newest being the launch of their new members-only, “Legends Locker Room” app today. Members of the exclusive private community can use the technology application for communication and interactions between users, administrators and sponsors. Look for NBRPA-specific content and related programming to highlight event info, investment and commerce opportunities, post-career development resources, and additional benefits shared to assist with life-challenges when retired after playing professional basketball. The Sports Techie community blog seeks to understand the many challenges athletes face post-retirement and how sports tech helps to journey through them . This news by the NBRPA is well-timed for hundreds of members that grows in membership daily. As a 501(c) 3 organization, their mission is to develop, implement and advocate a wide array of programs to benefit its members, supporters and the community. Legends Locker Room App is the new tech hub that helps bind former NBA, ABA, WNBA and Harlem Globetrotters together in membership, community and digital perks.

Legends Locker Room App

The new app launched by the NBRPA fills many needs for all levels of retired basketball player, be that former superstar, journeyman/journeywomen, or a one-and-done, practice player and bench warmer. Every former player matters to the NBRPA. Playing and getting paid to play a sport most ballers love unconditionally and would play for free is indeed an adjustment period when it ends.

Since members pay dues for NBRPA services, having their own app is what I consider to be a no-brainer (said like coach Dick Vitale) because it just makes perfect sense to create. The NBRPA designed this app to meet the needs of all constituents much like that favorite locker room does in an athlete’s mind before, during, and after games, and practices, or when joking around or talking shop with teammates, coaches, staff, the front office, ownership, family and friends, while inside the friendly confides. Similar to what Legends Locker Room can be in terms of the ‘feeling’ members may get inside this secure digital environment.

“We are extremely excited to be able to bring the “Legends Locker Room” app to life and to provide a one-stop communications platform for our over 1,300 members to utilize,” said Scott Rochelle, President and CEO National Basketball Retired Players Association.  “This app enforces our commitment to provide our members with the best post-playing career support system and grant them access to a secure forum to network with our extended basketball family, explore career and business opportunities, generate, consume and share content and keep up to date with real-time updates on all NBRPA news, initiatives and events.”   

Among the app’s key features are the ability to send private direct messages, chat in public forums, publish members own branding, marketing, sales, and investment content, and the ability to communicate in real-time via updates. Looking at player profiles has shown to be popular with members. Information regarding Legends Care, the charitable initiative of the NBRPA that positively impacts youth and communities through basketball, is an example of one of many initiatives discoverable on the app.

Besides easily accessing fresh content and NBRPA updates, a number of other services are available when or as needed. Look in the app for health insurance updates, all-important health and wellness programs, Symplicity career opportunities, resources for scholarships, member grant programming, appearance opportunities, event information – including registration/transportation assistance and augmented reality, virtual options, for players not able to be there in person. Finally, sponsorship and business opportunities can be perused in addition to sponsored, branded content from the Fortune 100 to the SMB markets. NBRPA has direct partnerships with the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA).

Having Legends Media & Entertainment (LME) content access on the go fits with the busy, or not-so-busy, lifestyles of the retiree.



The NBRPA plans to use their robust platform to inform, as well as storify the content. Storylines covering a variety of topics, especially those talking about the lives, businesses and decision making of NBA and WNBA stars, are getting the most traction since the August, 2020, launch. The ability to produce and distribute their own content then analyze member’s multimedia surfing habits and resulting data helps admin to streamline the process of deciding what kind of sticky content to create benefiting members through a consistent flow of compelling, entertaining or educational stories.


“Legends Locker Room” application uses TopFan technology, used to provide end-to-end platforms designed to construct user communities with built-in engagement initiatives while providing direct to consumer businesses. Their clientele includes entertainment properties Warner Bros., MGM and Lionsgate, musicians Maroon5 and Zac Brown Band, in addition to the Denver Broncos, MLB Players Association and NFL Players Association in sportsbiz, among others. 

Visit legendsofbasketball.com and @NBAalumni or NBA Alumni across social channels.

Sports Techie, NBRPA members or those thinking about joining, you may be asking if is there is enough room on your digital devices for another app, and whether it fits with the needs of a retired professional basketball player? I say, yes to both.

We are all creatures of habit, checking our social media accounts more times a day than worth admitting, unless you are completely off the social platform gird which I totally get too. If you use 2-8 apps consistently throughout the day, it is actually no big deal to add another one to check every hour, day or week, depending on your habits and what is happening.

Especially this personalized app, it has a little bit of everything integrated with a whole lot of member togetherness.

Before you know it, Legends Locker Room might become your favorite, most useful and trusted app.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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