Klout is the Moneyball of online influence

Klout measures online influence

Klout is the Moneyball of online influence. Klout measures online influence. Stop and think about that for a moment because it is significant. As more and more people and fans worldwide get connected to the web via smartphones and tablets it becomes a cyber jungle trying to filter through the massive amounts of data in order to find credible sources for topics of interest. Klout has a Solution that helps analyze all this web generated data.

See Klout: http://klout.com/home.

Sports and Technology rank as two of our top Klout topics among the 20 in total that Sports Techie is influential about. By measuring a brand or users web generated social media activity, Klout identifies topic influencers and matches them up with targeted Klout Perks.

I was watching, “The Social Network,” again and noticed at the end of the movie when it said that the total amount of Facebook users was at about 500 million. This cool flick was released on October 1, 2010. As of the writing of this blog, Facebook is nearing the one billion mark. So in about a year and a half, Facebook has nearly doubled in size. Klout and other online influence measuring companies like them are poised to take on this enormous opportunity to define what the online topics are, and data mine all the brand and user engagements that over one billion online entities produce.

Before the Moneyball season of 2002, MLB was truly in the techie dark ages because for one, statistics were not fully integrated into the game yet as an opportunity to provide a competitive edge.  The concept derived from the movie about how Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane influenced a sea-of-change in baseball by using statistical analysis produced with software program tailored for sports, along with hiring trained statisticians, is the kind of story that belongs in the Sports Techie Hall of Fame.

See Moneyball: https://twitter.com/#!/MoneyballMovie.

So does Klout’s history. Klout launched in 2008 and have since raised significant investment dollars and been featured by every major media outlet in the country, if not the world. Here is a past Sports Techie blog about Runners World social media that touches on Klout: https://n5y.1cd.myftpupload.com/runners-world-has-social-media-klout/.

How did I achieve my Klout? Mainly by using Twitter over a two-year’s time period and approaching 50,000 tweets. My first Klout score ever was a 5. Most all of my social media engagements that go with building up our Sports Techie online community are factored in. My Klout score takes into consideration Facebook, and a Linkedin, Google+, and Flickr presence. What is not factored into our Klout score is my WordPress blog. Klout rates the WordPress .com web sites but not the .org which is what we use here. If they did that, our score would most likely be a tad higher.

Companies are now seeking out bloggers, independent writers, and community Moderators, who have a voice and will reward these proven online influencers with targeted swag in hopes that they might share an expert opinion to their followers. How Klout does this is via Klout Perks.

See Klout Perks: https://twitter.com/#!/kloutperks.

First, my – Influence Disclosure:

I was given a free product or sample because I am a Klout influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

Having said that, I have earned a nice list of Klout Perks over the past couple years. Thank you to Klout and your partners for the free perks.

Chevy Volt Klout Perk

Today, a new Chevy Volt was delivered to my home office for a test run by THE Sports Techie. After inspecting it, I am ready to now take this new car on a Seattle test drive across the 520 bridge to lacrosse practice at Marymoor Park in Redmond.

Here is all it took to earn this Perk- a Klout score above 40, being influential about either: Social Media, Environment, Technology, Electronics, Digital, Youtube, Twitter or Facebook; and, be located in: Denver, Seattle, SF or LA. You might qualify so check it out.

See Chevy Volt: https://twitter.com/#!/ChevyVolt.

I plan to write a follow up Sports Techie blog about the Chevrolet #VoltKlout EV demo.

Sports Techie is now part of the new Red Bull, Brand Squad. This exclusive arrangement between Red Bull and Klout is currently in Beta. The concept began as a way for Klout to give influencers a chance to be recognized while also having an impact the brands they support in the first place. This innovative Klout marketing program grew out of engagement between their influencer’s feedback and ideas.

See Red Bull: https://twitter.com/#!/redbull.

One very sweet Brand Squad perk is the free one-year subscription to their new magazine, “The Red Bulletin.” I am looking forward to reading this creative mag offline. A free four-pack of the new Red Bull Total Zero will come in handy and I will provide Sports Techie some later feedback about their new beverage. The opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the X Games will be an awesome experience for some lucky Red Bull Brand Squad winner.

Red Bulletin by Red Bull Klout Perk

Last year, we received a special Blue Ray copy of “The Art of Flight” from Red Bull and Klout Perks, and our family down in Bend watched it over the December holidays just a few miles from the top of MT Bachelor in Oregon. My 15-year old nephew who both snowboards and skis really dug this outstanding video, especially all the helicopter shots.

This past week, I received a new sleeve of the Maxfli U/4 and U/4x golf balls, plus, a coupon for a future U-Series purchase. According to Maxfli, these balls are “tour-level.” They are their first-ever all-urethane covered U-Series golf ball line and features 4 layers for improved distance, spin and feel. Maxfli has been in sportsbiz for 90 years. By aligning with Klout Perks, Maxfli Golf has now reached Sports Techie, and you. I plan to test these golf balls out as the summer fast approaches. Hope you get a chance to as well.

See Maxfli: https://twitter.com/#!/Maxfli_Golf.

A Maxfli graphic that visually assists with explaining the benefits of the U/4 and U/4x:

Maxfli Golf Balls U/4 and U/4X Klout Perks

Measuring online influence is what Klout does right now as the worldwide leader. By analyzing stats, the 2002 Oakland A’s forever change the face of baseball much the same way Klout is doing for the Internet. I encourage you to get on the Klout train and learn how to better mange your corporate or personal brand by finding out your score and working to improve it.

Let us know how your Klout Perks score has grown by commenting below, or else at our Sports Techie Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, etc. pages below. Love to find out what your favorite Klout Perk is?

I am grateful for these incredible Klout Perks via Chevy Volt, Redbull and Maxfli.

See you when I see you, Sports Techie

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