Kitman Labs Implements SaaS Intelligence Platform For Chicago Fire And FC Lugano

Centralized Intelligence Platform Designed to Share Best Practices Between the MLS and Swiss Super League Clubs Owned By American Joe Mansueto

Kitman Labs Announces Transcontinental Deal with Chicago Fire and FC Lugano

Kitman Labs, a leading sports science and performance intelligence company, struck an agreement with the Chicago Fire of the MLS and FC Lugano of the Swiss Super League, both owned by Joe Mansueto, to implement their proprietary, SaaS Intelligence Platform – iP: The Intelligence Platform. It was designed to optimize each club’s health and performance data. A global industry leader in performance, Kitman Labs will provide the clubs with a more uniform and consistent methodology to collect, store, query and distribute, resulting athletic training data and insights, from a single source. In-game, practice and workout metrics are being tracked by the software to measure areas such as on-pitch performance, the development of club best practices, or the gamification of trade and transfer scenarios. Using the Intelligence Platform to calculate and predict maximal performance scenarios, or to prioritize club injury prevention, puts users a few clicks away from generating data infused looks at every athlete, and enabling the maximization of all performance ranges. The Sports Techie community blog sees the added value for owners with joint ownership in other professional sports organizations playing in different leagues around the globe, to partner with Kitman Labs enabling each of their respective teams to identify talent, harness first team and Academy performance data, and to share training insights, in a centralized fashion. Kitman Labs is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Dublin and Manchester.

“While the number of individual clubs adopting our Intelligence Platform across both Europe and North America continues to scale, we anticipate that additional deals like this one – encompassing multiple clubs with joint ownership, straddling Leagues and addressing clubs with distinct training methods and styles of play – will become more frequent as we work with shared ownership groups,” said Stephen Smith, CEO and Founder of Kitman Labs.

Sports Technology Upgrade

Kitman provided each club with a tailored version of the system configured with specific needs. 

“Kitman Labs is a value-add in the daily work of the technical staff of our first team and academy,” said FC Lugano Chief Sports Officer Carlos Da Silva.

The centralized operating system deal will give both clubs access to Kitman Labs’ state-of-the-art Intelligence Platform and their Performance Medicine, Performance Optimization and Coaching & Development Solutions. 

“In data-driven recruitment, matching the physical and medical profile of a player with the club and the league’s tactical and technical demands is paramount,” said Chicago Fire FC Director of Performance Nacho Torreño

In addition, all club-related data will remain confidential – and only accessible to – that respective club.

Da Silva said, “It (Kitman Labs) provides crucial support to those responsible for athletic preparation in terms of quality and intensity of training.”

The collaboration between the Fire and Lugano performance staffs will provide shared learnings in real time as the clubs progress throughout their respective seasons.

Torreño said, “Through our relationship with Kitman Labs, we are working to develop the software that will allow us to track both the Chicago Fire’s and FC Lugano’s physical and medical metrics in one place and through one methodology. We are excited about the work being done that will give us an excellent understanding of how players from one environment will translate to the other. Additionally, this tool will also allow us to monitor players within our Academy, from the early stages through the professional ranks, to further enhance their development.”

The partnership is designed to provide both clubs with deeper, strategic insight.

Smith added, “There is nothing ‘cookie cutter’ when it comes to the bespoke needs, health and performance of a given club, but we think the economies of scale achieved and efficiencies realized by adopting the configurable platform by multiple clubs within a single organization will be a key multiplier for relationships like this for decades to come.”

Kitman Labs Information

Kitman Labs has been busy proving themselves and establishing a solid track record of working with top teams and athletes across a variety of sports, including soccer, basketball, rugby, and American football. The sports tech company’s technologies are in use by some of the world’s elite sports organizations, including MLS Next, Columbus Crew, and Bayer Leverkusen.

This new relationship is instep with other recent business strategy moves Kitman Labs have undertaken. Beginning with the successful close of a $52M Series C funding round led by Guggenheim Investments, a global asset investment and advisory firm with more than $259 billion in assets under management and two strategic acquisitions of The Sports Office and Presagia Sports. The combined companies represent the industry’s largest network of elite and youth organizations (700+) and created the industry’s largest dataset of talent, performance, and medical data for all stages of the athlete lifecycle.

Sports Techie, Kitman helps to optimize human performance; enhance overall health, wellness and longevity; reduce injury risk; and drive operational efficiencies and value.

Streamlining club performance data is the new name of the game and Kitman is showing the Fire and Bianconeri, the way.

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