KIA Commercial – Space Babies 2014 Sorento Big Game Ad

Kia 2014 Sorento Space Babies Big Game Ad
Kia 2014 Sorento Space Babies Big Game Ad

KIA Commercial – Space Babies 2014 Sorento Big Game Ad. How many of you Sports Techie have dealt with the question of where babies come from because as an expecting first time Father, this #SpaceBabies commercial by KIA hits the spot on that conversation.

Kia Space Babies Commercial Link
“Space Babies” 2014 Kia Sorento Big Game Ad

Kia Commercial Breakdown

Spoiler alert, please be sure to watch the Kia video before you read the rest of this blog.

It begins with any parents driving their Sports Techie kids around in a new 2014 Sorento (note to self: figure out how to install a baby seat into the Spectra EX) when up pops the question about where babies come from. The commercial begins to answer one of the most fundamental of questions about life by transporting the viewer through a wormhole to planet Babylandia, sounds like Portlandia, where the real fun begins.

The KIA owning Daddy takes his thought provoking son through the Lord of the Ring like baby arches. They arrive and observe lots of babies in diapers living in peace with animal babies all getting ready for a space launch.

Stop the video at the 1:16 mark and look at the screen, it’s priceless. The launch room technology must be liquid resistant nanotechnology for that back row baby to have permission to have his bottle present and ready to spill. Is that wheel in the left corner a high-tech stroller? Love the graphics on the monitor with the rocket ships using gravity to sling shot around the planets.

Next, a baby astronaut comes out on a launch platform to wave goodbye surrounded by 9 other animals, including a killer whale out of water. A baby Panda gives the thumbs up which is rather calming. Babies board the shiny Rocket Ships and take off, flying through space, explains Dad. The bird and the bee’s innuendo of babies penetrating the atmosphere and releasing all over the place is a clever spin for a Father who is not ready yet for this serious talk.

Once inside the atmosphere, babies parachute down to earth. I especially like how a parachuting baby giraffe lands in Africa and a whale parachutes into the Indian Ocean. These are outstanding visuals and help to give this KIA advert a global appeal.

After an amazing nine-month journey, the new baby in this family does some last second extreme parachuting into a sun roof of a new 2014 Sorento. This thought and visual makes the video pop for me.

The biggest laugh is at the end when the young boy starts to do the repeat thing about what his friend Jake says about where babies really come from. His Pops feels the Big Game’ pressure and cuts him off like a quick-thinking Sports Techie will do, by turning on the touchscreen Wheels On The Bus .mp3 song for a family sing-along to immediately get the boy’s focus on something else for now.

“It has the answer for everything,” Kia.

Sports Techie, The KIA Social Club brings you this video and I thank them for the opportunity to share it with our community. Big game commercials are part of the spirit of an event and something I truly enjoy engaging with as a fan. The Space Babies 2014 KIA Sorento Big Game Ad is a winner, bravo for thinking with your left brain and mixing in some adult humor to awkward family subject matter.

This 2014 Sorento commercial makes me think about what to say when this question happens to me in a decade or so. It also plants the seed that I definitely want to upgrade KIAs. After all, I have a space rocketing, animal friendly, new Sports Techie baby on the way, who is ready, eager and willing to extreme parachute into Discovery Park in Seattle to be with us. He is going to want more car backseat technology, comfort and safety.

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