How To Choose The Best Golf Training Equipment: A Practical Guide

We never reach the destination in golf. Part of the challenge of golf is always trying to get better while finding the perfect equipment for golf. Shoot better scores or play better in tournaments. All golfers are on the never ending journey to find the perfect swing. Smart practice, smart practice, smart practice, is the name of the the new game. The Sports Techie community blog is committed to helping to grow the game of golf through easy to use sports technology.

Improving as a player requires two different things. First, you need to improve your fundamentals – you can’t get better if you continue to make the same mistakes. Second, once you tweak your swing, you will need to spend the time grooving it. In other words, you will need, ahem, practice. Simplify your practice routine by easily carrying your golf equipment in a high quality golf bag.

Here, we’ll focus on how you can improve your fundamentals. A great option is golf training equipment or training aids. These devices help you develop muscle memory that can significantly improve your game. There is a lot of golf training equipment on the market and we are here to help you pick the best of the best.

The Sure-Set can help both beginners and advanced players.

How To Choose A Golf Swing Trainer

The most common piece of golf training equipment is a golf swing trainer. The perfect golf swing trainer will vary from player to player. Many are designed to fix a specific problem, so it is important that you research before you buy. If you struggle with a snap hook, you don’t want to buy golf training equipment designed to prevent a slice.

We recommend you select golf training equipment that’s simple to use and can be used anywhere. Do you have 10 minutes between conference calls? The best type of golf swing trainer is something you can grab in your office and make a few swings. Repetition is the key. A piece of golf training equipment that you can leverage anywhere will be the most effective.

With these two thoughts in mind, it is easy to recommend the Sure-Set. This golf swing trainer will help you fix your backswing and ensure you’re in the perfect position at the top of your swing. A common mistake for golfers is “losing space” in their backswing. The Sure-Set will teach you to keep your arms away from your body. 

How To Choose A Golf Speed Trainer

Do you feel pretty good about your swing, but are struggling with distance? A golf speed trainer will provide you with golf training equipment and a workout program to give you more “pop off the tee”.

All golfers have become hyper-focused on speed. Bryson DeChambeau has completely changed his body in the quest for more distance. In most cases, amatuer golfers will struggle to use the same golf training equipment as the professionals, but this is the exception.

If speed is what you crave, I recommend you give the SuperSpeed Training Program a try. When you order this golf training equipment you will receive three weighted sticks – they look like golf clubs without the head. The training program has detailed instructions and videos to help you perform the exercises. Basically, you leverage the SuperSpeed sticks to swing as hard as you can. We could all use more distance, right?

How To Choose A Golf Putting Aid

Do you struggle once you reach the green? Do you three-putt more often than you want to admit? A strong short game can make up for a lot of poor shots, so investing in golf training equipment for your putting stroke is a good idea.

Similar to the golf swing trainer section, you want a putting aid that’s simple to use and can be leveraged indoors or outdoors. For our money, we recommend the Pressure Putt Trainer by PuttOUT golf.

The Pressure Putt Trainer has been winning awards (Editor’s Choice Golf Digest, Golf Monthly, and My Golf Spy) since it was released in 2018. Very simple design, but very challenging to master. You can use it on your local practice green or on the carpet in your house. Master this golf training equipment and you will be known as the “boss of the moss”.

How To Choose A Golf Impact Trainer

One of the new categories of golf training equipment in the last couple years are known as impact trainers. The idea is that you can improve your impact position by hitting a small bag or cube. You can do some crazy things in your swing, but if you end up with a quality impact position you can be a great player. Don’t believe us? Check out Matthew Wolff’s swing.

In this category, we recommend the EyeLine Golf Impact Cube. It is a versatile option to add to your golf training equipment collection. Their website offers tutorials on using the product. This golf trainer will help achieve the correct shaft angle regardless if you’re using a wedge, a 7-iron, or a driver.

The impact trainer is another example of golf training equipment that can be used inside. A perfect way to improve your game during the offseason (cold weather).

Choosing The Best Golf Training Equipment

There are literally hundreds of golf gadgets on the market and they often have been the butt of jokes – there is a scene in the movie “Tin Cup” where Roy McAvoy has lost his swing and is wearing several of the sillier ones at once. While there definitely are some that are gimmicks, the best gadgets can permanently change your game.

Remember the two golden rules of golf training equipment. It should be simple to use and can be used anywhere.

The key to changing your game is repetition and muscle memory. Identify golf training equipment that will help you with a trouble area and use it on a consistent basis. Before you know it, you will be playing better golf.

Sports Techie, golf and sports tech is like the ol’ peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it’s simply a good fit, every time.

When it comes to golf training equipment, there are so many more categories of products to consider like video training, strength and conditioning, and golf analytics, to name a few. A rangefinder is nice to have but is not considered a must-have when training. Remember to start with a budget and use what is recommended by golf professionals, instructors, trainers, and players of all levels.

The inner feeling golfers obtain when they master the game for the briefest of moments comes when talent meets preparation, mixed in with all the sports tech enhanced equipment for golf training, used to achieve those fleeting moments, much, much, more often.

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