Golf Trip Guide Infographic For Planning A Trip Overseas By GolfOnline

Golf Trip Guide Infographic For Planning A Trip Overseas By Golf Online - Sports Techie blog.
Golf Trip Guide Infographic For Planning A Trip Overseas By Golf Online – Sports Techie blog.

Golf Trip Guide Infographic For Planning A Trip Overseas By GolfOnline

Playing golf is fun especially when the game is played at gorgeous and challenging courses around the world with family, friends and workmates. Thanks to GolfOnline, the Sports Techie community blg is happy to share their Infographic that breakdowns the particulars of what is needed and where to go when planning a trip abroad. The PGA Championship begins today at Whistling Straits for PGA Tour professional golfers on a golf course designed with Irish courses in mind. If you want to make a stop overseas in Ireland, Japan or Brazil, this visual graphic and golfing information is tailor made for you so the next vacation trip is made even more enjoyable and memorable.

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Golf Trip Abroad

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Golf Trip Abroad by GolfOnline.

Playing a round of golf can be done solo with strangers but most golfers would rather play a foursome with family, buddies or business colleagues. Keep in mind that handicaps, agendas and factors such as golf course traffic, travel commitments and overall affordability are necessary considerations for your mates, significant others and bosses to figure out if they are to be good traveling companions.

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Golf Trip Abroad – Golf Online
The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Golf Trip Abroad – Golf Online

Although golf can be relatively cost effective when you book reservations via apps that help you find bargains for eight, eighteen or a weekend full of seventy-two holes, the cost to play a top rated resort can be a deterrent for some folks you are considering asking to accompany you on the possible trip of a lifetime. Be sure to book early and consider booking accommodations at through Airbnb, a local apartment or even a hostel rather than pay for pricey hotels. Ask whether the course extends discounts for larger groups. Start saving now a little at a time to ensure the overall costs do not prohibit some from affording to go. Go during the offseason to save money when many European resorts offer bargain travel related packages. Finally, play if safe and take out insurance on your technology infused clubs.

Go online and reserve tee times whether you enjoy being one of the first to play or would rather let the heat go down and reserve later afternoon start times. Don’t be caught surprised by resort or course rules such as requirements for soft spikes on your adidas golf shoes or the requirement of a handicap certificate. Pack smart, in other words find out if dress requirements are in place and be sure you bring smartphone or range finder charger adapters for the foreign electrical plugins that are not the same voltage as in the US and vice versa. Do an online search for club rentals so you don’t have to lug your own clubs though the airport, around the city and worry about theft. Those players that play with a GPS system for golf need to upload the latest course info to save you excess mobile data and roaming fees.

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Golf Trip Abroad – Golf Online.
The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Golf Trip Abroad – Golf Online.

The Destinations
There are thousands of courses worldwide to consider for a trip abroad. Consider playing Classics like the 39 courses throughout Algarve, Portugal such as Vilamoura Victoria which present real value in terms of reasonably priced course fees combined with fun nightlife. My son has some Scottish roots and perhaps one day will wish to play their World Class Courses designed with Gleneagles Heritage such as St Andrews, home of the recent British Open. Finally, those of you that live outside of America can add Myrtle Beach to your bucket list, especially the TPC course.

Groups looking for a Curve Ball might consider Morocco as the place to be because of the monetary value, epic landscape and casino entertainment that the Royal Dar Es Salam course and others provide. Western Canada this time of year is breathtaking because of the Rocky Mountain views. The region hosts a variety of courses and enjoyable Canadians to meet so plan on playing Banff Springs. Finally, South Africa has golf, culture and outdoor adventures for those that can make it to the tip of Africa and play the Wild Coast Course.

Trending Golf Courses
Popular golf courses are just that for many different reasons. Perhaps they are traditionally designed by Jack Nicklaus, maybe it is brand new or it could be the course just hosted a major tournament you watched on TV and over mobile digital devices and now you want to see how it plays for yourself. The IAGTO average growth indicator values chart from 2012-2015 is easy to understand and see that Spain leads the world followed by the U.S. and Portugal, with a surprising Cambodia and Thailand next in Southeast Asia. At the bottom are Canada, India and Iceland. I can understand why Iceland is ranked so low but it is telling to see Canada has the least growth over the past four years.

Golf Holidays In Numbers
The only country I have visited in Europe is Spain and it is Europe’s number one golf holiday destination raking in $340 million Euros a year. European Golf Tourism commands $1.55 billion per year making it a massive revenue stream. It is shocking to see Turkey gobble up 7.5 percent of golfers surveyed while the USA attracts 6.9% of long-haul golf trips. Spain and Portugal are the top two countries visited by golf travelers, ole.

Guide To Planning a Golf Trip Abroad.
Guide To Planning a Golf Trip Abroad.

Sports Techie, I have good friends and a brother that are golf nuts. They travel with friends and work parties to play courses and hang out together so this Infographic is sure to spark their interest as it might yours.

Golf is certainly one of the most popular world-wide sports. Men, women and children of all ages can enjoy taking a holiday vacation to one of the world’s top golf resorts after careful planning. OnlineGolf provided practical tips on money matters such as insurance, flights and accommodation, and also highlighted some of the expected golf etiquettes and equipment required when playing courses around the world.

They complied and analyzed the numbers to show the growth of golf trips to the most popular world-wide destinations. Golf tourism helps drive the European, USA and some Asian economies.

I appreciate the valuable insight from OnlineGolf.

May your golf travels be spectacular as a result of their findings.

See y’all later in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world.

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