Golf Digest Live app has statistical analysis and your own personalized magazine

Golf Digest Live App
GolfLogix GPS, Club Tracking and Golf Digest Personalized Content Create the Ultimate Golf App, Golf Digest Live

Merging golf with technology is a Sports Techie winner and such is the case with the new Golf Digest Live. GolfLogix has the No. 1 App for golf because of their patented GPS distance and club-tracking technology. They have integrated with Golf Digest, the premier content provider for 60 years of golfing advice, news, information, multi-media and the first ever personalized magazine, to create Golf Digest Live (GDL) usable by any level of Sports Techie golfer for statistical analysis.

Golf Digest Live video:

When I golf with my brother, Ricky, it is like having GDL available on the course because I am always asking him questions about the game, the course, distance, club selection, or whatever else pops into my amateur brain. His understanding of the game is at such a high-level that his responses are in real-time and usually spot on. Unfortunately, I cannot take Ricky with me everywhere I golf. In comes GDL. I like having the option of using GDL as needed on the course, at the driving range, or while at home or in the office, as my virtual coach Ricky.

Introducing Golf Digest Live:

GDL is available exclusively through the free GolfLogix app. The cost for the Champions upgrade is $19.99 annually with a free 30-day trial. By using data generated from the software, GDL can determine a player’s statistics, strengths and weaknesses. Proprietary coding and algorithms then generate multiple post-round recaps. It is easy to interface with the detailed scorecard, understand the analytics, and interact with the new customized MY Golf Digest (MGD) magazine.

MGD example: Matt Ginella Personalized – My Golf Digest Magazine:

MGD is tailored to that day’s on-course performance. The artificial intelligence that MGD uses to compile the findings generates a graphically-appealing statistical breakdown. MGD offers practice suggestions and award-winning information including tips from any of a number of Golf Digest’s team of elite instructors such as David Leadbetter and Butch Harmon, plus, Tour Playing Editors such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Phil Mickelson.

Golf Digest Live Slice Fix video by elite Instructors and Tour Playing Editors

“Golf Digest Live is the new frontier for helping people learn to play better golf,” said Golf Digest Chairman and Editorial Director, Jerry Tarde. “We’ve digitized the best of Golf Digest content, so for the first time readers will create their own magazine, filled with personalized tips and drills. It’s no longer just Golf Digest, it’s MY Golf Digest. Attempts at personalized magazines before have simply involved readers pre-selecting types of content that interest them. This is the first magazine curated by editors that’s based on what readers individually need to know.”

Golf Digest Live app Main Menu
Golf Digest Live app interactive Main Menu

You can start by visiting or App Stores such as iTunes or Google Place and download the free app. The GolfLogix app is compatible with more than 60 smartphone models. The patented tech used for precise distances and club tracking is amazing. As you become more comfortable with GDL, use the Champion membership upgrade to try improving your performance with high-quality yardage-book imagery, aerial flyovers, pro-level scoring and stat tracking at more than 30,000 golf courses worldwide. Users can set the exact daily pin position, or layup distance to any point on the fairway or green, by using standard touchscreen tech.

Golf is about finding your comfort zone. Some of you find equipment for life. New products such as software, smartphones and laser finders, have joined super golf carts, titanium shafts and belly putters, as standard equipment for many golfers. PGA player Bubba Watson shared with me via social media that he has never seen a video replay of his own cherry golf swing. That personal info almost made me drop my iPhone when I read his tweet. Seems that somewhere in the middle is where most of Sports Techie wants to be.

A bonus is that every member has an individual profile within the GolfLogix Clubhouse powered by Golf Digest Live. I am now a Clubhouse member and enjoy access to video instruction and rules information, golf jokes, inspiring quotes, as well as Golf Digest articles, fitness and nutrition tips, equipment reviews, and swag.

Golf Digest Live Post Round Analysis and Summary

Golf Digest content is accessible while you play – like scoring for up to four players, rules videos, the panic button, and tips on common shots – but the majority of benefits are delivered on the practice range or at home, where Sports Techie golfers can visualize their rounds, correct their faults and take lessons to improve their golf management and handicap.

GolfLogix GPS and Internet-based club tracking application

“There’s no better tool to improve your game than Golf Digest Live – whether on the course, reviewing your round or at the practice range,” said Pete Charleston, President of GolfLogix. “We’re consistently first-to-market with the latest technologies and this partnership delivers an incredibly comprehensive, personalized commentary of your golf game.”

By being first to market and having built in customer bases, sponsorship of Golf Digest Live by Farmers Insurance and Nike has enabled their brands to reach millions of golfers. Sports technology and golf are both big sportsbiz. GDL and their new advertising partners such as Nike understand where golf sports tech is going and so does Sports Techie, into the clouds. Golf can be an expensive sport to play so why not try GDL in order have your own coach Ricky helping you make in-game and after-game adjustments.

Our tech tip is to monitor the amount of battery life it takes using GolfLogix GPS. By turning off your screen after every shot, it should only take up to one third of your smartphone power over 18 holes. Battery tip video:

GDL is available for iOS only at the moment. The Android version will be released in a few more weeks.

About Golf Digest

Golf Digest is part of Condé Nast and includes Golf Digest, Golf World and Condé Nast, a division of Advance Publications, operates in 25 countries.  In the United States, Condé Nast publishes 18 consumer magazines, two trade publications and 27 websites that garner international acclaim and unparalleled consumer engagement. For more information about Golf Digest go to and stay connected on Twitter by following @GolfDigestMag.

About GolfLogix

The No. 1 App for Golf, GolfLogix boasts more than 1.75 million members on the world’s top-selling smartphones. Dedicated to offering consumers the most advanced GPS solutions with the best features, quality and price, GolfLogix helps improve individual performance.

Founded in May 1999, GolfLogix was the first to introduce handheld GPS the golf industry and holds a U.S. patent for its unique GPS and Internet-based club tracking application. Based in Scottsdale, AZ, the company has been professionally mapping courses for more than 12 years and owns the largest, most up-to-date golf course database in the world.

In 2009, the rapid advance of smartphone technology led GolfLogix to develop and quickly capture the market with an easy-to-use application providing precise GPS distances. In addition, the software manages scorekeeping and stat tracking, then uploads them to an online clubhouse community where golfers can interact and compete with millions of other players worldwide. Now available on more than 60 different smartphone models, The No. 1 App for Golf offers maps for more than 30,000 courses globally.

Sports Techie, let us know how it goes with GolfLogix, the new Golf Digest Live app, and your own My Golf Digest, as a blog comment below. Please share this blog and other Sports Techie blogs via a retweet and by clicking the Like buttons. Thank you for engaging in our community. Have fun playing golf, it is the best way to improve your game, wherever you are. Enjoy the 2012 Ryder Cup.

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