FORM Swim Goggles Smart Display Are Sports Tech Innovation At Its Best

FORM Swim Goggles with Augmented-Reality Display Available Today for $199

FORM Swim Goggles with smart display and the FORM Swim App just launched so if you swim or want to get into swimming you best check them out because they are sports tech innovation at its best. For $199 you get an augmented reality display on the inside of these goggles created to show a swimmer the metrics they want and not have to look over at the pace clock across the pool or struggle to hear coaches yell out times. Sports technology company FORM makes their goggles in Vancouver, BC.  The real-time delivery of key swim stats in a see-through, AR wearable is sure to change the way you train, rehab or just enjoy swimming workouts. The Sports Techie community blog is amazed by the vision, dedication and execution FORM displayed launching this intelligent product yesterday. Purchases made in the United States and Canada comes with free shipping and returns. International shipping options are also available. Every pair of FORM goggles has a 45-day fit guarantee and a one-year limited warranty. Saving 2/10ths of a second during a swim can make or break it so FORM used the same display tech used in fighter jets to help users win.

Swim Stats

I have friends that are serious swimmers and triathletes that need to actively measure their efforts. Yet most that participate in this sport do so for recreational or fitness related reasons to the tune of 30 million active pool swimmers in the U.S. alone. No matter the level of skill, knowing key metrics after each stoke is not only super cool but an extremely efficient way towards peak performance. Split time, stoke rates and pace per 100 distance are just a few of the measurements FORM Swim Goggles track and display in a swimmer’s line of sight. Deep dive into more swim analytics such as calories burned, splits and intervals.

“Before FORM, our team spent many years building ruggedized wearables for action sports like snowboarding, running, and cycling,” said FORM founder and CEO Dan Eisenhardt. “When we started developing the FORM Swim Goggles four years ago, we knew that giving swimmers real-time metrics was only half the battle. Fit and durability were just as important. The extensive testing we’ve done over the past year shows we exceeded our original goals. The FORM Swim Goggles fit incredibly well and are truly built to last.”


Besides the AR display, the manufacturing process sets these goggles apart from competitors as do top of the line materials featuring FDA certified silicone eye seals. The chemical resistant (chlorine) and anti-fog technology is the same used with top diving masks.

“When you’re a high-level swimmer training in the pool four hours per day, six days a week, having comfortable, well-fitted goggles is extremely important,” said Scott Dickens, two-time Olympian and Director of Strategic Partnerships at FORM. “The FORM Swim Goggles provide that comfort, and the fit is the same as, if not better than, what swimmers are used to. The swimmers who’ve tested these goggles are blown away by the fact that you have that nice, comfortable feel with real-time metrics in your line of sight.”

FORM Swim App


FORM Swim App for iPhone® and Android™ syncs with their goggles allowing swimmers, coaches and medical professionals to review workouts. Each workout can be shared too. Tracking progress made over time is another major benefit the app provides. This application enables users the ability to change which metrics display on the lenses of the goggles as well as changing the time frame when each metric shows whether during strokes, per turn and with rest periods making it completely customizable.

FORM, The Company

FORM was founded in 2016 in the great white north of Canada. Their mission is to break down barriers between what swimming is and what it could be.

Eisenhardt was a competitive swimmer for 14 years. He is a true sports tech pioneer. His previous company, Recon Instruments, founded in 2008, developed the first smart eyewear for sports in 2010 and was later acquired by Intel Corporation in 2015.

Dan once again surrounded himself with a smart team of industry veterans with hard-earned careers in sports-eyewear design, activity-tracking algorithms, and augmented-reality optics.

The FORM Swim Goggles are at The FORM Swim App is a free download at the App Store and Google Play™.

Built with fit and durability in mind, goggles covered under 45-day fit guarantee

Sports Techie, visual feedback in running and cycling paved the way for FORM Swim Goggles. In-activity readouts act like an in-water coach. Coaches are augmented by the intelligent goggles, not replaced.

They want to add the tech to your technique..

It’s about time FORM sports tech answered this swimming need.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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