Evil Geniuses New Seattle Inspired Jersey Created With Champion Sportswear

Evil Geniuses Pays Tribute to Seattle Sports Culture with New Championship Jersey Celebrating Its Legacy of Champions With Space Needle In Background

Evil Geniuses and Champion are now business partners and released a first-ever championship jersey celebrating the legacy of champions for the first year gaming entertainment and esports company hailing from my hometown of Seattle, WA. The cool looking and technologically functional jersey was designed to pay homage to Seattle’s famed sports culture, and the Emerald city’s different teams iconic use of shades of blue and green in their respective uniforms.

Silver Scrapes in the first series and @100T_Esports move on, via @LCSOffical, Official Twitter account for the League Championship Series. #LCS

This past week they took part in their first LCS Championship during the LCS Spring Split in Chicago held at the United Center on September 10 – 11, 2022. Evil Geniuses players wore their new jerseys heading into the LCS Summer Finals and then The International, plus other upcoming gaming events. Fans of League of Legends over the weekend in Chicago were able to purchase the jersey while the Sports Techie community blog readers and followers can purchase this novel jersy at https://store.evilgeniuses.gg/. Evil Geniuses partnering with top sportswear brand Champion U.S.A. is a win-win-win for the sports tech gaming pioneers, parent apparel company Hanesbrands, and each special fan, respectively.

Evil Geniuses Partners with Popular Sportswear Brand Champion to Launch New Blue and Green Jersey That Sees Organization Join Seattle’s Tradition of Iconic Sports Colors

Seattle Shoutout

Evil Geniuses can now proudly stand alongside its fellow local teams in its own Seattle-themed jersey, showing the organization’s commitment to the city, its fans and their shared love for Seattle sports.

“Seattle sports are bound together not only by their passionate fans and rich history, but by their iconic shared colors that proudly represent Seattle and the Pacific Northwest’s beautiful forests and blue ocean,” said Avelina Daum, Vice President and Head of Global Marketing at Evil Geniuses. “Evil Geniuses is proud to call Seattle home and what better way to honor this city, its teams and its fans than to have our first championship jersey reflect the fabric of this city through shades of blue and green that will set Evil Geniuses alongside Seattle’s other sports franchises.”

EG are proudly headquartered in Seattle with facilities in Los Angeles, CA and Belfast, Ireland, and have built a loyal and global fandom of more than 17.5 million strong.

En Route to Chicago and Worlds | EG Files | Evil Geniuses LCS Summer Split Playoffs

League of Legends Summer Championship

The new championship jersey made its stage debut at this year’s League of Legends, published by Riot Games, World Championship. Evil Geniuses was there to compete against the world’s best League of Legends teams for the special opportunity to be crowned world champion.

Evil Geniuses made it to the Lower Bracket final in the Summer LCS playoffs, but were defeated in a close set 3-2 by 100 Thieves. Cloud9 went on to defeat them in the final. 

Chicago Bound | Insights and Sounds Powered by HPE | Summer Playoffs Round 3 Mic Check

Evil Geniuses

The global esports powerhouse is powered by clever disruptors that exist to challenge convention and carve the edge of the gaming and entertainment universe. By activating the strength of company values, the power of their proprietary tech, and the genius of the team people working for the cause, Evil Geniuses continues to expand the definition of what it means to win. They build champions and create inspiring and entertaining gaming experiences for all.

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The Evil Geniuses roster of professional gamers include League of Legends 2021 Rookie of the Year Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki and rising star Joseph “Jojopyun” Joon Pyun. Their “Creator Collective’ talent includes Forbes “30 Under 30” honoree and fighting games legend SonicFox; fighting game champion and longest tenured EG player Ricki Ortiz; and popular TikTok personality ARUUU, who has more than 1.1 million fans on the platform, among others. 

More information about the organization’s new merchandise and swag, including the recently released SonicFox lineup of gear celebrating his sixth EVO Championship can be viewed at the popular web store: https://store.evilgeniuses.gg/.

Video game and eSports fans can learn more about Evil Geniuses by following the team’s official Twitter at @EvilGeniuses, Instagram at @EvilGeniuses and Facebook at @EvilGeniuses.

They invite everyone to #LiveEvil.

Future Professional Gamer Born In Seattle Looking At The Evil Geniuses YouTube Channel While Wearing A Champions Shirt

Sports Techie, that is my son in the picture above. Kellan was born in Seattle, is on the autism spectrum and likes video games. It is actually his brother Jake, or cousin Rokklen Roble, that one day may very well be professional gamers because they both love gaming and playing esports so much.

Much appreciation to Evil Geniuses for sending me this news so I could share it with the world.

More good news, EG are still qualified for Worlds 2022 despite the loss at the Summer Championship. 

Get your new jersey (no pun intended towards the great state) now and represent Evil Geniuses, the beautiful Seattle colors and Champion sportswear tech fabric because we are all in the family.

Game on.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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