CRONS Brand has a Motivational core

CRONS Brand is Sports Techie

Crons Brand has a Motivational core

Come Ready Or Never Start
The Crons Brand™ was founded by former Pitt Panthers basketball player Pat Cavanaugh with a core competency of designing, manufacturing and providing motivational apparel that inspires.

Pat will be on the Fox News Channel Monday at 6 pm PST talking about Crons with David Asman on America’s Scoreboard. Here is the Fox Business video link: FNC

March Madness
For the third-year in a row, Crons is a multi-sport partner of a NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament team. They are one of only six companies that will be used during March Madness. This year it’s the University of N.C. Charlotte. The irony is if they win their play-in game on Tuesday; UNCA matches up against Pat’s alma mater Pittsburgh on Thursday.

What Inspires
I started off talking to Pat about his perspective of growing up shoveling snow while other kids played video games in Grove City, PA. We are one-year apart in age so I understand what he means. I am an advocate of video games because the advancements in technology allow gaming to be used as a proven training tool. At the same time of these technological advancements, we are a country and World that is fighting obesity.

Part of why this is happening is because kids and adults are using tech rather than getting up to change the TV station, using a blower to rake leaves, and are practicing free throw shooting on a HD plasma screen rather than at a basketball hoop that has no net and is on the side of a barn or at a blacktop. I get what Pat is saying that he visualizes his brand providing ways to help you set and achieve goals Sports Techie.

Crons Supports People
Crons has grown from 13 employees last year to 26 today. They differ from other leading athletic apparel brands by focusing on helping players, teams and consumers set goals and making them so. One way they accomplish this is by providing statements on the inside of the clothing tags that say things such as, “ignore the noise” and “no excuses.”

Another Crons core philosophy is that all the clothing comes in Black and White only. By not using colors, it helps to provide a clear and specific visual that that lets you know that you are accountable for your own success. Wearing no colors helps you to set goals and achieve them without a lot of extravagant fluff. The one-color the Crons Brand does use is Orange PMS 165 in their logo because it provides a vibrant hue and energy to both wearers and opponents alike.

Out Side the Box
Crons meets NCAA compliant performance standards. They are the official provider for Natalie Randolph, the USA’s only female Head Coach for a men’s high school Football Program in Washington D.C.. They are exploring a new women’s line due to explosive growth in those vertical markets.

A pilot program has also begun overseas in Australia, Europe and Africa and has been met with positive feedback. Crons does manufacture both overseas and domestically which gives people jobs and helps to keep their costs affordable when competing against much larger brands.

Achievers Program
Nearly 7,000 students are using the nationally recognized Achievers Program that pushes health related goals while tracking and achieving them. Their nutritional products help inner city and suburban players learn to eat the right way, all the time, not just at practice, at a game, or playing with their friends. There is a cost to this Program that can be offset by donation, outreach or scholarship funding. By providing Lifeskills, kids can develop a mentality that transcends sports to a non-athletic based school provided program.

Not only is their focus to help achieve and sets goals, Crons wants you to realize that it is how you respond to failure that can matter the most. You are not always going to be a winner like Charlie Sheen but by understanding that and having principles in place which gives you a basis for success, you always win.

Crons has a ‘Ready Dry’ type technology that provides wicking of moisture and quick drying abilities. There is a new Application in development. Pat mentioned that although he is not the Techie of Crons, he understands that the App platform is important for his company’s plans for future growth in all Sports.

Look for the new Crons Mentality Performance Retail stores to be unveiled this month. Different zones inside the store will offer guidance, perspective and motivation for serious athletes and weekend warriors. Writing your goals down and exercising in a fun environment is a rewarding experience the stores will provide.

Pat is Sports Techie
I am inspired by Pat, no question about it. He was easy to talk with and has a conviction in his voice that gives off an aura that he cares about helping others set and meet goals with the assistance of his cutting-edge brand. Pat and his staff have faced adversity in life, business and play, and have learned to use that process to help overcome life’s challenges. With the Crons Brand, you will to. See them at

Thanks to Joe Favorito for the introduction.

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