Boston’s HYCU Data Protection And Ransomware Recovery Platform Protects MLB’s Red Sox

Simon Taylor, HYCU, Inc. co founder & CEO, and Kelly Hopping, CMO at Fenway Park
Images via HYCU and Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox implemented HYCU’s Protégé DPaaS platform to modernize their data protection strategy and protect the MLB clubs hyper-converged infrastructure against ransomware attacks. The forward-thinking professional baseball team adopted purpose-built, cloud-native, proprietary SAAS solutions developed by the local New England tech firm to tailor, simplify and back up, then scale their data protection strategy for 2023 and beyond. The Sports Techie community blog chatted with Simon Taylor, HYCU, CEO and Founder, about data integrity, protecting multiple back-end infrastructure environments such as corporate, enterprise, and consumer-facing systems unique to sport, and the need for other leagues and teams to follow suit as an inevitable step to modernize their data protection strategies like the Red Sox are doing using HYCU to back up mission critical data to Wasabi. From one iconic Boston brand to the next big thing in the neighborhood, this latest partnership will also play a huge role in HYCU’s brand strategy to leverage businesses with a simple way to see, manage, and protect their mission-critical data no matter where it resides.

Kelly Hopping, HYCU, CMO, and Simon Taylor, co founder & CEO, at Fenway Park

“The business of baseball is very complex,” said Brian Shield, Red Sox SVP and CTO. “The need to modernize our digital transformation strategy leverage leading-edge cloud capabilities was a “top priority” for our IT team. As our data protection needs continue to grow, we needed a more effective way to protect our mission-critical data and HYCU has allowed us to do that.”

The HYCU brand will be prominently displayed inside Fenway Park throughout the 2023 season.

Boston Tech Meets SportsBiz

HYCU raised $140 million in VC funding thus far and is the fastest-growing multi-cloud data protection company offering protection to thousands of companies worldwide. Headquarters are located in Boston, Massachusetts historic Seaport District.

The technology company boasts 5-6 sport clients including the Chicago White Sox and the NBA’s Orlando Magic, with additional major sporting partnership announcements forthcoming in the next several quarters.

“Partnering with the Boston Red Sox and their IT department to help modernize their infrastructure for not only today but well into the future, is what any Boston-based company dreams about,” said Simon Taylor, CEO and Founder, HYCU, Inc. “HYCU solutions are designed to help companies seamlessly manage, protect, optimize, and recover all their data, no matter where it resides and on what platform. We are thrilled to work with The Red Sox and count them as a key relationship in our growing customer base.”

HYCU Inc., is making the world a safer place with its purpose-built Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) platform that makes it simple to move data freely, easily and safely without the burden of managing and scaling infrastructure.

Key Technologies and Features

HYCU is an award-winning and recognized visionary in the multi-cloud, SaaS data protection as a service industry.

By partnering with Wasabi, this new HYCU initiative enables the Red Sox to provide secure, worry-free data protection for its internal customers increasing the overall level of data protection across key assets.

With HYCU Protégé, the BoSox have access to a comprehensive suite of data protection capabilities that can be used for a wide range of use cases including backup and recovery, ransomware protection, cost-effective disaster recovery to the public cloud (and back – which is difficult for many providers), meeting security and compliance criteria, and data mobility & migration – including application discovery and dependency mapping.

HYCU Protégé is also a hybrid and multi-cloud enabler, so customers can see and manage all hybrid and multi-cloud data protection policies from a single interface.

Customers experience frictionless, cost-effective data protection, anywhere, everywhere, and are confidently backed up by an industry-leading NPS score of 91.

HYCU solutions eliminate complexity, risk, and the high cost of legacy-based solutions, providing data protection simplicity to make the world safer.

Boston Red Sox Selects HYCU® to Modernize Their Data Protection Strategy

Sports Techie, Simon was a super nice, hugely intelligent and extremally outgoing person to Zoom video interview. I truly enjoyed meeting him to learn about HYCU and their abilities to back up Red Sox data on premise, in the cloud and as a SAAS in order to protect it against ever-increasing ransomware attacks. If someone were to play him in a movie, it would have to be accomplished actor, Jonah Hill, with all due respect to each of them, respectively.

I asked him how the fan experience was attending a Red Sox game and seeing his HYCU brand and signage around the ballpark. He said it felt similar to raising a significant amount of money or hiring their first employee in that the feeling was as unique as attending a baseball game at iconic Fenway Park for the first time as a young boy with his Dad. His Father passed on a few years back so he felt as if his Father was looking down and beaming with pride because his son helps companies like the Red Sox apply data protection.

Teams and leagues are reliant on data yet face the risk of data loss across the planet. The Red Sox were sold on the simplicity and the Protégé platform’s ease of use. It was built 5 years ago with cloud native services, modern data infrastructure and enterprise level data stack capabilities.

Taylor says the average company today faces a large variety of ransomware attacks because their data is in many different places. Think of it like your iPhone and the 50 apps it has. Each app is saving hosted data in the cloud resulting in data system complexity.

The average company has data in 200 different locations with a constant need to back it up. Yes, a $10 million payment affects the bottom line but Simon says the amount of time data is locked down or missing is the real expense businesses face when dealing with ransomware or data loss/corruption. The city of Oakland’s data was down 75 days because of ransomware. HYCU’s underlying platform can recover data and have it back up in as little as 12 minutes.

Try a free trial of HYCU Protégé Backup, recover & mobilize data:

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The Red Sox love them!

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