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CTE Awareness Day (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) happened on January 30 before Super Bowl LIII. Most of the Sports Techie community blog followers and readers had no idea this was so because neither did I. The recent Bob Costas interview on ESPN’s Outside The Lines show about NBC Sports pulling him as host of SB53 because of his public statements regarding the sport of football and violence which in many cases manifests as brain related just heated up this real-life and sometimes terrible death topic.  It is exciting to know CTE prevention is being done with equipment and game rules. The fact is, medical professionals are also transforming lifestyles, performances and longevity using diet and supplementation. In this case, over the last four decades, BodyBio has been the leader in fatty lipid research. As a result, BodyBio has conducted significant research and are clinical leaders regarding Phosphatidylcholine (PC)’s effect on brain health – even CTE with medical professionals prescribing active and former NFL players the supplement. Essential for memory and brain health, players are pushing the envelope with BodyBio to get to the root cause of memory loss while improving brain health and mental acuity. Can PC even help with gut health?

I chatted with Jess Kane Berman, Director of Sales and Marketing, and granddaughter of BodyBio founder/CEO 92-year old Edward Kane, about the company’s rebranding and new direction towards selling directly to consumers after years of distribution though physicians, and also to Dr. Doug Goldstein University of Colorado School of Medicine, Doctor of Physical Therapy, 2011, about his personal thoughts about the business, PC and their products, and how he uses them as part of a cutting edge PT regime.

PC Science

PC Science

I took my share of sciences throughout high school and college which helps with understanding that 60% of our brain is fat. As we age, the brain takes in less choline, a nutrient required to make acetylcholine, a very important neurotransmitter. The decrease in brain PC may play a role in the development of age related memory loss.

Now remember, there is no magic pill as I wish there was for my 5-year old son of the spectrum, but studies have shown that choline ingested in the form of PC can improve memory loss associated with aging – see source and source

PC is not a vitamin, rather it is pure phospholipids. The exact same phospholipids that serve as the membrane to protect your cells. When the membrane is damaged, the cells are vulnerable. BodyBio PC is the raw material your cells need to stay healthy through all stages of life.

Why BodyBio’s PC?

What I learned is there are a variety of misleading products claiming to be Phosphatidylcholine but are simply just made of a triple lecithin product (same lecithin as used in food and cosmetics) and are not liposomal (i.e. absorbable in our bodies). BodyBio uses a proprietary method to extract only pure phospholipids which is absorbed by the body and starts cellular repair.

BodyBio PC contains concentrated levels of:

  • Phosphatidylcholine (PC) -essential for memory
  • Phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) vital to mitochondrial function
  • Phosphatidylinositol (PI) – supportive to brain and neurotransmission

Jess Berman

Jess had me when she said, “Help regenerate neuro transmissions.” BodyBio is helping with rebuilding cells, nerve signaling and memory.  How it relates to autism is of great interest to me, the parent of an autistic child.

Berman was kind enough to take my call in Colorado Springs while pregnant. She has since returned to New Jersey in one piece.

The BodyBio proprietary extraction process is a key reason why they are successful. PC is a supplement and other companies are not creating it the right way.

She said, “NFL players are bio hacking the brain to affect performance and brain function.”

In the past, BodyBio sold through practitioners however in the last several years they pivoted towards selling directly to the consumer via Amazon and their updated web site. Last September, BodyBio rebuilt the website. Look over the website’s compelling research videos.

Her mission now is to get the word out there about true PC.

Dr. Goldstein

Doug works with Denver area professional athletes as an orthopedic specialist not as a neurologist. As a University of Colorado Doctor of PT, he does deal with head trauma and its effects on NBA, MLS, NBA and NHL players making him most interested in the cognitive and brain inflammatory expertise of BodyBio since he researches for the highest quality products.

Goldstein is very friendly with NFL players and has seen first-hand cognitive issues and severe brain degradation. In terms of concussions, from an orthopedic perspective, he is learning more and more about them daily and through study. If he can assist with cervical pain, vertigo and dizziness, and help his patients get better, he’ll read more on a particular course of action. PCs seem to result in a sharper mind and more fluidity in thinking according to feedback from players.

Goldstein says he believes in BodyBio research, especially regarding Omega 6 and Omega 3. He spoke about cell membranes and their fatty acids and oils. In a product like fish oil, Omega 3 needs to be a correct 4-1 ratio, same as O-6. BodyBio early on was based on this ratio. The wrong ratio is shown to not help with the inflammatory process and can have negative effects.

He said, “BodyBio has the best literature and studies. The literature and research is so sound, scientifically sound, I am willing to expose to clients.”

He feels the market for PC will improve and people will start to hear more and more about the results.

He mentioned that Houston Texans players, in order to learn the complicated schemes and playbook, were looking for an edge in products by BioBody.

Another such example, says Goldstein, is Tom Brady and his unorthodox TB12 performance meals. Brady uses the food as a supplementation to his nutrition as a vegan and occasionally eats some meat during the season, according to the media. Will he play in his 10th Super Bowl next year in Miami at the age of 42 thanks to TB12?

Sometimes it is not physical things.

Role Model

In a testament to his belief in PC, Granddad Kane’s been taking his own oil supplement for more than 30 years. This ageless wonder exercises daily and heads to the office five days a week. He also serves as a Visiting Professor of the Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia and instructs physicians in a biomedical course on lipid metabolism.

Research, Clinical Medicine and Science

In the studies linked to earlier in this story, I found the following sentence – “Probably through decreasing the phosphorylation of tau in the cortex and hippocampus CA1 area, and increasing the GSH-Px and SOD activities in the brain of AD rats.”

I asked Goldstein to break this down in laymen terms. He said, “PC seems to assess the brain, and up regulate things, they seem to help or improve something as a supplement.”

He later explained that as a PT, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has a stance on nutrition, and deciding on where does it fit in the scope of practice and whether it assists with treatments.

Do PCs really work? When you add clinical medicine, research and science all communicating together the answer is, logic and Spock would say, yes.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Sports Techie, I started off my chat with Doug letting him now I was listening to Super Bowl Radio Row interviews on 92.9 and Bill Romanowski, a 16-year NFL veteran that played in five Super Bowls was speaking about founding Nutrition 53, or N53. I have coined the term, walking CTE, and Romanowski seemed to be sure he has it meeting the definition. Bill started the company because he wanted to delay or even defeat what repeated blows to the head playing NFL football may have caused his brain.

I said to Doug, it seems like everyone and their Mother has a supplement in this almost wild wild west of a loosely regulated industry.

He was not aware of N53 but felt BodyBio is unmatched with certain products like PC because of the process they use for extraction.

Phosphatidyl-Choline helps with the the repair and maintenance of the cell membrane to improve your health, increase brain function, mental alertness and motor skills as Dr. Damien Downing explains.

The Fatty Lipid research is a game-changer for BodyBio however Berman says, “Clinical trials are needed.”

I am most interested in PC as a former college lacrosse player and the Father of a son on the spectrum because it can improve athletic performance but more importantly, the ability to change what is happening between brain and gut, an area I feel needs more research as my son is such a picky eater as are many autistic children and adults.


Jess said BodyBio has seen marvelous results with changing autism. She encourages families to attend AutismOne. The AutismOne Conference is the largest and most comprehensive annual autism conference internationally, covering all domains of concern to the widest range of the autism community.

Autism One: Rescuing the Brain on Fire with Membrane Medicine – Kane

Next Frontier

Team USA Triathlete, Renee Tomlin, is a satisfied user of

E-lyteSport by BodyBio, it has electrolytes without sugars added. Tomlin is extremely happy with the results.

You may have seen NFL commercials touting the use of sports science and technology in the battle against concussions. Diet and nutrition are the next technological frontier in sports and the NFL is sure to showcase soon enough how they use products such as BodyBio to help with CTE, brain health and body recovery.

The company name is cool enough, BodyBio results speak for themselves.

See ya later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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