Bet, Win, Play Online: Here’s How To Become A Better Sports Bettor

Sports Betting Traits Of A Winner

Many punters think that betting on sports is about a game of luck and chance, only. I myself have laid down plenty of horse racing bets based on quirks like the jockey’s colors, horse’s raceday demeanor, or a name that I simply liked for whatever the reason. While this is true, an excellent sports bettor should not rely solely on fate to end up successful. He or she should be able to spend thorough research on learning the whole world of sports betting at the same time, forming the best betting systems to work with.

The same with the stock market, the sports betting industry is a global marketplace that generated many consumers in the past centuries. Families seem to pass down the betting gene as much as new bettors join in on the fun, many times for life.

Some bettors are considering this as their full-time job, especially when prominent sports are starting to kick-in. Advances in sports technology has also made it convenient to place online bets attracting more bettors compared to the early days. The Sports Techie community blog implores you never to bet more than you can afford to lose, and please seek help if you need it.

As you go along to hone your betting skills, build the best strategies, and learn How to Calculate Points to every category you gamble, you also need to develop the attitude of a good sports bettor. To help you achieve that, here are some traits you can follow and wear at all times.

Stay Away From Your Emotions

Dealing too much with your emotions will not help you become a successful bettor or voter for that matter. Understandably, many people love to back their favorite country, team, player, hometown, or group they have idolized since they started gambling. While there is nothing wrong with being an avid fan, this strategy is less ideal than you initially think.

The key to staying away from your emotions is to look at the statistics of each opposing team. Remember that factors such as home-court advantage can affect how a team performs. Aside from that, teams do not keep the same players as drafting and free agency takes place every year, allowing them to trade and recruit new talents. When you idolize a team so much and let your inner fanboy or fangirl prevail when you bet, you aren’t heading to become a better sports bettor. This is hard to master but do it.

Leverage On What You Know

As the cliché goes, do not venture out for a business you don’t initially know. It is the truest idea you can apply if you wanted to become an excellent sports bettor. By doing such, you are putting your money on the hot water and wasting your efforts. Thus, you should learn the different kinds of sports betting games, their categories, and the full rules it constitutes.

Some of the most played sports betting games are football, baseball, golf, basketball, and horse racing. The Masters is going on right now down the road in Augusta, Georgia and is usually played in the springtime but because of COVID-19 it was delayed until fall giving gamblers that know golf, an end of the year, dandy of a Major to bet on.

Every year, it’s corresponding organization holds a league represented by professional teams in their respective conferences. Take time to learn and master these sports so you can leverage and join the bandwagon of the most successful bettors.

With that all said, don’t except to go out and take the eSports betting world by storm if you have no idea about consoles vs PCs, or which players and teams are the hot one’s to wager on. But if you watch enough video game matches and competitions on Twitch, chances are you will soon enough become as expert on gaming increasing your likelihood to win eSport bets.

Comprehend Odds, Lines, and Points

Aside from the sporting events, the oddsmaker plays a vital role in determining your skills to become a better sports bettor. The oddsmaker makes the lines, odds, and points of either a team or player depending on the current league. These values are set accordingly to know if the players or teams are the favorites or the dogs based on their current and past matches.

When you are a bettor, you must study the ever-changing odds and lines set by the bookie. It will serve as your grounds whether a favorite can win all the way or the dogs can steal the march. Also, values are set depending on the amount you will get if you back either the dogs or the favorites.

Constantly Check And Manage Your Bankroll

Even if you have the best betting strategies, your betting games are not fulfilled if you run out of budget. Take note that sports betting demands a tremendous amount of money, so you need to be ready at all times.

When you manage your bankroll, only use a spare amount. It is an addictive game, so you need to be cautious with your expenses. Secure first your personal wants and needs before risking any money on sports bets. Another thing is that you do not chase what you have lost as it can hurt your bank account, and you might lose your hard-earned money.

Make Realistic Expectations

The last attitude you must wear when you aim to become a better sports bettor is to set realistic expectations. As mentioned, you can’t make any formula that will help you consistently when even if you are the luckiest sports bettor on earth, losing is still inevitable.

When you set expectations, you should include making a plan on how much you will spend and afford to lose. In this way, you can save money and play what’s favorable to you. Lastly, when you follow the expectations you set, you prevent yourself from putting your efforts into the trash can.


Similar to anything worth doing, becoming a better sports bettor needs perseverance, time, and, most significantly, the right attitude. Besides, if you aim to hit the bullseye, you should continuously learn the art of gambling. All these things are not impossible if you strive to learn the attitudes outlined above.

Sports Techie, chances are sports betting is coming to your state or a nearby one which opens up the world of legal sports betting for fans across the United States when before it was only legal to place sport bets in Nevada. The stranglehold Las Vegas had on sports betting over decades is over thanks to legal online sports books.

One thing I want to add to this story is this. The US 2020 Presidential election had a crazy amount of money bet on it around the world and I am not sure if all bets have been paid off or not yet since there has been no official concession. Oddsmakers were setting odds between President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden to win each state, often updating the odds in what seemed like real-time, and most often before the networks called a state. Vegas took Arizona off the board before Fox News called the win for Biden and Senator Kamela Harris. Georgia was just made official today for the Biden/Harris ticket even with a recount underway, making some bettors real happy if they nailed this punt.

A runoff for the two Senate seats in GA is January 5, 2021 and no doubt, millions will be spent betting on both the winners and losers.

Bet the house or at least a few dollars on the democrat’s to win this special election, and with that, capture the Senate. Myself and many other like-minded citizens of Atlanta and the state are doing what we can to help make it so.

Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are the candidates names, respectively

Vote blue, bet true and enjoy the day.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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